How to Wear Oversized Garment.

How to wear oversized garment.

How To Wear Oversized garment. In one of my latest Blogposts. I’ve already show one way to wear oversized sweatshirt. Today I show you another way to wear oversized garment. It’s one of my favourites clothing-pieces to wear. So are you ready?

How to wear oversized garment

How to wear oversized garment

How to wear oversized garment

How to wear oversized garment

how to wear oversized garment

how to wear oversized sweatshirt

How to wear oversized

How to wear oversized garment.

When you planning to wear a oversized sweatshirt it’s important to think about your kicks and what kind of pants you want to mixed with. I decided to wear it with a slim-fit jeans from:Acne Studios this gives outfit a little-casual touch. But you can also choose to wear it with a destroyed-jeans in the color-white or grey and even with a black-denim like I did. My oversized sweatshirt is from the brand: A-Cold-Wall. Because of the colour grey I can mix it easy with a ripped-white-denim or with a grey-trouser and even with a black-ripped jeans. If you have a oversized sweatshirt in your closet. It’s the perfect clothing-piece for a urban and streetwear look. I love to wear oversized clothes because it’s makes me feel so good and confident. What about you? My oversized sweatshirt is a very thin clothing-piece and perfect for this time of the year. It’s not something you wear during summer. But perfect for this Spring-Season.One of the main-reasons why I bought this garment is because of the color grey. Like I mentioned earlier it’s easy to pair with colours like: White and Black for example. Specially if you want to pop-up your oversized garment. Because when you want to stand-out with this garment. Make sure that the rest of your outfit is really basic and safe. So your oversized garment get’s the attention that you want. As you can see on the pictures I deiced to pair it with basic-black-denim. So the oversized sweat-shirt really shine’s. If you don’t mix your oversized sweat-shirt the right way. Your clothing-piece doesn’t get the shine that you want. So it’s important to choose the right items.

Where to buy?

When you planning to buy some oversized-pieces for your urban-outfits. It’s important to look at your wardrobe in the first place. Nothing is more pity. Than having a couple of oversized-clothing-pieces, but nothing to mix with. When I bought my oversized-piece. I’ve bought a slim-fit denim too. So I didn’t have problems to mix my latest purchase. Always think before you buy. So where to buy a oversized-garment? I’ve bought my clothing-piece because a lady told me: to check out this brand as well. She was wearing this brand also. So I’ve asked about this-brand and where I could buy it. She Told me that:Ansh46 has this brand in there store. Ansh46 is a high-end fashion-retailer based in Rotterdam The Netherlands. They have a great-line of designers to offer and always nice pieces for sale. I’ve bought it in there store and my garment has large size. I was kind of scared when I had this clothing-piece in my hand the first time. But when I was in the fitting-room. I was getting a smile on my face because it was the right-size. This clothing-piece is from two-years-ago. But this brand has oversized-pieces every-season in there collection. But when this brand doesn’t fit your taste there a plenty of other brands to go for. What you think of:MrPorter and Matches Fashion. They offering brands with oversized-sweatshirts as well. If you don’t want to invest in some trend-pieces you always can choose to go for more affordable online-retailers like: HM and Zara.

What kind of kicks should I wear?

When you want to stand out with your oversized sweat-shirt it’s important to make the rest of your outfit more safe. The trouser or denim doesn’t have to be a eye-catcher. That’s the same-thing with sneakers. Most of the time you want to finish your look with some amazing-kicks. Because you want to make a stament. So did I in my last outfit-Post. Wearing red-kicks can keep the attain to that instead of the outfit. That’s not what you want if you wearing a oversized-sweatshirt. I decided to complete this look with some high-top-sneakers from:Givenchy. But as you can see on the pictures. My high-top sneakers doesn’t have a extreme-colour. Beside’s that my sneakers are not a eye-catcher at all. Just black and Grey are the colours of my sneakers, what fits perfect with my outfit. It doesn’t matter if you wearing high-top sneakers or just low-sneakers. As long your kicks doesn’t killing your oversized-sweatshirt. I can recommend to use some boots for example. When you have-black-boots in your closet. You can mix them easy with your oversized-sweatshirt. But when you wearing kicks that really make a statement. Your oversized-sweatshirt will get less attention. That’s not what you want.


The founder of the brand is: Samuel Ross. He was starting this label in 2015. He was growing-up in a British-Neighbourhood and working-class area where he was getting inspired more and more. After working as a consultant for Virgil Abloh’s brand: Off-White and Yeezy. It’s a young street-wear brand founded in 2015 like I mentioned earlier. The Designer Samuel Ross graduated from designer school: De Montfort University Leicester. He was studying design at this school. Not a typical fashion-school like others designers did in the past. But a good fundament to start his own-label years-later.

Now a days he has a street-wear-label which is very popular in the street-wear-scene. But also in the fashion-world. The t-shirts and garments are handcrafted which makes them more special. Now retailers like:
Barneys and MatchesFashion have a great-line of his pieces for sale. It’s a young-brand with a lot of potential if you ask me. It’s also a brand to keep in a eye on in this year 2019. The clothing-pieces he made a more affordable and starting with at prize-point of: 174$. Which is not much for a high-end-streetwear brand. ┬áIf you compare it with other high-end-streetwear brands. Samuel Ross was a finalist in 2018 at the LVMH-awards. In that year 2018 he also started his woman-line. So with a men and woman’s line. Samuel is able to serve not only man, but also woman. He’s a young-designer and only 25-years old. But we will hear about him and his brand more in the future that’s for sure.


Oversized-sweatshirt/ A-Cold-Wall

Denim/ AcneStudios

High-top sneaker/ Givenchy

Photography/ Taria-Ann








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