How to wear a light-blue Shirt?

How to wear a light-blue shirt? It’s a question that I asked myself too. There are many ways how you can wear a light-blue shirt right? Today I show you how to wear a blue-shirt.

How to wear a light-blue shirt?

There are many ways how you can wear light-blue shirt, for example: with a nice slim-fit jeans. This was my second-option. But when Bivolino asked me: If I would like to try one of there shirts. I had two-options in my mind. Option one: with a nice slim-fit jeans. The other option: was a black-trouser. When I received my light-blue shirt from:Bivolino I decided to wear it with a black trouser. Sometimes you are not in the mood to wear denim. The last couple of weeks I’m not in the mood to wear a jeans every single-day. So I decide to wear this shirt with a black-trouser which I bought at:Topman  it’s fits very good and feels so comfortable to wear. I’m planning to wear more trousers and to show you how you can wear trousers during this time of the year. Further I decided to finish this look with my black-laced shoes. I feel very strong when I’m wearing this outfit.

You can even give this shirt a personal-touch

What I really like about this brand, is that you can give it a personal touch. If you go to there website:Bivolino you see that this page is all about that. I was able to choose and customized my clothing-piece as well. What I really like is that you able to put your own name in the clothing-piece. That sounds cool right? With that tool you have your own personal clothing-piece. Further when I received this item, I was very happy that the material feels strong. I really like that because it says something about the company and how they think about there customer. Further the package was very good as well. Sometimes you received some item in a very cheap package. When you order a shirt at:Bivolino you will received a quality package and of course a nice shirt that you can customized yourself to the fullest. From name to details. There are so many options. A couple shirts in your wardrobe is essential if you ask me.


Shirt by/ Bivolino

Trouser by/ Topman

Shoes by/ Manfield

Photography by/ Koen Stijnen

This blogpost is in collaboration with Bivolino



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