How to wear a Denim shirt

How to wear a denim shirt

How to wear a denim shirt. Hello Guys How are you? I’m doing well. Today I want to talk to you about a denim shirt. Which is a garment I love to wear. Although I only have one in my closet it’s still a clothing-piece that I wear with pleasure. Now yesterday I started my day with a running session, this is something that I do since the summer and it feels very good. It’s been way too long that I didn’t do anything in terms of sports. So running was my first step to get back in shape. This is one of my goals for this year. I must say that it goes better and better. Although I still have a long way to go. I even consider to go back to the gym instead of running outside.

After a good running session, I’ve completed my guest-article for:Whyttmagazine. Which I do with pleasure and passion. I’m super thankful that I’m able to contribute to this magazine. I’m improving as a human being. But also as a writer as well.  I’ve also watched the new keynote of Apple in the evening. I’m a huge apple-fan since 2009. So for over 10-years I follow the company and buy their products when it’s possible. Apple-products are not cheap, but I’m grateful to have some of their devices in my hands. So that was Tuesday. What did you yesterday? Now let’s talk about fashion, shall we?

What to wear with a denim shirt?

How to wear a denim shirt

What to wear with a denim shirt


Walking in a denim shirt


Denim look

Suede boots

Well, this is the right question when you have denim-garment in your hands for the first time. Or when you planning to buy a denim-shirt. In my opinion, a denim shirt fits almost with every outfit. It all depends on what you have in your closet. I decided to pair my denim shirt from:Diesel. with blue slim-fit jeans from:Zara. To complete this outfit. I rock my beloved suede boots that I bought online at:Zara. This is typical fall-look, don’ t you agree?  I decided to pair it with my jeans from Zara. But you also can choose to wear this shirt with trouser if you ask me. What I love about my denim-piece is that it has some destroyed details at the end of the garment. Which makes this shirt a little cooler than a regular denim shirt. 

The denim-garment.

The denim garment really belongs in a men’s wardrobe. It’s a basic shirt that you can match with a trouser, or combine it with a blazer for example. This garment is a classic and timeless piece. Furthermore, it’s a fashionable statement. Ever since I love to dress properly. I always think about a denim shirt in a men’s wardrobe. Last year 2018, my previous denim shirt was worn-out and it was the right time to buy a new one. I’ve bought my online at:Diesel. And I must say that I’m very happy with it. I’ve now had for more than a year and the condition is still good. If you planning to buy a denim garment. Make sure you have some clothes to mix it with. You don’t want to sit down on the couch and thinking: I don’t have anything to mix it with.

Which color?

Did you know that there are several colors in denim-shirts? I’ve bought mine in a more natural color. But there are more colors available when it comes to this kind of shirts. So what kind of colors should you choose? Well always think about the kind of clothes you want to mix your denim-garment with, or what you are planning to wear. A black denim shirt is easy to mix with lighter jeans or you can go for a full-black look. When you for a more light-er version, you can easily mix it with light denim. Then you really create a double-denim look. So with most denim shirts, whether it’s black or a light color. You can play and mix it. Fashion must be enjoyable and fun right?

Where to buy?

If you planning to wear a denim-shirt for years, it might not be a bad idea- to do a little research before you let your wallet do the work. Almost every brand from high-end to low have these garments in their collection. So it can be hard to choose. What I highly recommend is to take the time and make a budget. If you planning to wear more than one season. Then it’s better to invest in a denim-piece. What I also can advise: If you planning to wear it often. Just make sure you have two-pair in your closet. So you can change and both shirts stay in good condition.

When you know that you only going to wear it for one season. It might be better to take a look at retailers like:HM or Mango for example. It all depends on how much is it worth for you?  if you really want to spend money on a denim shirt, take look at MatchesFashion and MrPorter.


I hope I serve you good with this blog post and let me know what you think of it. Denim-shirts will be in men’s wardrobe forever. But with so many brands nowadays it’s hard to choose. I know it from my own experience. I’ve bought one for a mid-prize and if I switch from time to time. This piece will be in good condition. So make sure you don’t wear it on a daily basis.  Furthermore, I really recommend doing a little research before you spend your well-deserved money. Take a look at your wardrobe and everything will be fine. This might be more a safe-look. But with this casual and safe look you can never go wrong. You can wear it during a dinner-date. When you hang-out with your friends. Even when you have job-interview. You look sharp and ready to apply for the job. 

I’m now preparing myself for a hair-cut, so do I speak with you tomorrow?

I was wearing:

Denim shirt by: Diesel

Jeans by: Zara

Suede boots by: Zara

Photographed:Koen Stijnen

Thank you for reading.


Big Hug, Luc







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