How to Travel in Style

How to travel in style

How to Travel in Style? It’s a question I asked myself too before I was heading to Milan last June. But today I’m going to show you how to do this. Travelling is so much fun, but good preparations are never a bad idea. Especially when you don’t know what to wear? Because there are several options you can choose. Airport fashion or travel-fashion, has become bigger and bigger. Even when people not really into fashion, you see that they still want to dress properly for there journey. This is a new trend that’s going to be bigger in the future. With more and more shops at the airport. People get inspired as well. For me personally, it’s a good habit that I have for a while. But this article is specifically for the people that don’t dress properly for the journey. Let’s do this.

How to travel in style

How to travel in Style

How to Travel in style

Grey Hoodie

Grey tracksuit


Black Backpack

Black suitcase

Taking the stairs

How to travel in style?

It’s not an easy answer if you ask me. Before I booked my last trip to Milan. I was thinking about two looks, to be honest. Option number one: Suit, just a slim-fit suit to travel in class. My other option was they grey sweat-suit that I’m wearing on the pictures. I decided to choose option number two because it’s a good investment for the long-term. If you thinking about to travel more than two times a year, I would recommend buying a sweat-suit as well. Especially when you have long-flights or train-journeys. Travelling is about comfort don’t you agree?. Not only you want a comfortable flight. You also want to travel in comfortable clothes. What I’ve seen from my experience is that people still wearing a different type of clothes. But for us men. It’s smarter to wear a suit or a sweat-suit if you want to travel in style. Make sure you have two options in your wardrobe so you can choose yourself. You do not always want to wear a sweat-suit during your flight. Wearing a comfortable suit can ben a good option as well. Choose wisely and think about how long the flight is, and then make the decision. Also, think about what kind of shoes you want to wear during the flight. Especially when you have a long flight. With white-sneakers in your wardrobe, you have the type of sneaker that fits with a suit and a sweat-suit as well.

Airport Fashion.

The funny thing about travelling and waiting at the airport for your flight is that you see so many style’s. People from all over the world with there own style. I called it: Airport-Fashion. I’ve seen so many people during my travels that it’s always inspiring. You see people in style from head to toe. But you also see people that are dress very dirty. That I asked myself: How can you hit the airport in this kind of way? In my opinion, people could dress a little bit better before heading to the airport. Especially when you have a long flight, you could dress properly right? It doesn’t have to be in a full-designer outfit. But with a simple Adidas sweat-suit you have the perfect look, don’t you agree? During these long-flights, you want to have comfort. A simple sweat-suit definitely is the perfect look for a long flight. When I look back to the airports I’ve been. I noticed that it’s a perfect place to get inspired as well. Especially when you out of inspiration. So when you at the aiport just take a good look at how people dressed and see if you will wear the same outfit? Because style inspiration can come from anywhere right? That’s why I called this subject: Airport-Fashion.

Where to buy?

If you looking for some airport of travel- outfits than you have several places to look. I’ve bought my travel-outfit at MrPorter. If you want a more high-end fashion travel outfit. Furthermore, you can choose to visit: Matches-Fashion. This online-retailer has perfect outfits to travel in style or with class. If you searching for a more sportive and comfortable outfit. Sports-brands like Puma ,Nike and german-sports giant:Adidas has great sweat-suits to make your travel more comfortable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to travel in style. Because style is always personal-thing. Maybe you feel more comfortable in just a classic-suit. Other people feel better when they wearing a sweat-suit. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on travel outfits. But you want to stick on your budget. Big retailers like HM and Zara have also perfect travel-outfit ready for you. With a low-budget, you can still look fashionable when you travelling to your favourite destination. When you go on a budget you might even have more outfits. One outfit for the flight to your destination. The other outfit for the flight back home.

My personal-travel-outfit.

Now it’s time to talk about my personal-travel-outfit. Before I was heading to Milan for, Milan-Fashion-Week. I had this Grey sweat-suit from MrPorter already in my mind. It’s a perfect travel-outfit if you like to wear something comfortable. But still sportive. This sweat-suit is from there very own brand that they started back in 2018. It called: MrP. Their Mr.P brand is all about basics and must-haves for your wardrobe.  And with a grey-sweat-suit, you have a basic in your wardrobe. Furthermore, I decided to mix it with my blue cap from Dsquared2. Wearing a cap fits perfect with the outfit and the occasion. Do you fix your hair when you travelling? If I look to myself, I can tell you that I’m wearing a cap most of the time. To finish this look I used my white-jordans from Nike. These sneakers walk so comfortably that it was the right purchase last summer 2018. I truly believe that wearing sneakers during your travels are the perfect shoes to wear. It’s all about comfort when are you travelling right? In my opinion, this is a perfect travel look for long and short flights. I know that this is something really personal. But this is a comfortable look and as I mentioned earlier in this blog post. Travelling must be fun and inspiring.

Sweat-suit/ MrP

Cap/ Dsquared2

Sneakers/ Jordan

Photographed: Koen Stijnen






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