How to style a Light-Blue Shirt

How to style a light-blue shirt

How to style a Light-blue shirt? Today I show you how to style a light-blue shirt in one way. Of course there are many other ways, but style is a personal-thing right? Now Let me show you How I mixed my light-blue garment.

How to style a light-blue shirt

How to style a light-blue shirt

How to Style a light-blue shirt

How to style a light-blue Shirt

How To style a Light-blue shirt

How To Style a Light-Blue shirt

How to Style a Light-Blue Shirt

How to Style a light-blue shirt

How to style a light-blue shirt.

Hello Gents. It might be difficult to mix a light-shirt like this. But it doesn’t have to be difficult if you have your basic-items in your wardrobe. When you building your own personal men’s wardrobe it’s important to have some basics in your closet. That’s why a light-blue garment like this has to be in your wardrobe don’t you think? Once you have it in your wardrobe it’s time to think about how you want style this garment. What do you have already in your closet to mix with? What kind of pants or shoes do you have? These questions are coming in your mind when you stand in front of your wardrobe with your light-blue-shirt.

I Decided to mix my light-shirt with my black pants from:Topman what is really one of my favourite trousers at the moment. Trousers are easier to mix with your clothes don’t you think? I love to wear comfortable clothes and I love to switch from jeans to trousers from time to time. To make this look a more ” office ” kind of look. I’m wearing my:Gucci belt which was a good investment when I was a student. It’s a classic-belt specially for this kind of outfits. It’s a basic-item in your wardrobe. But Let’s talk about that later. To finish this classic ”  outfit ” . I used my black-laced-shoes from: which is a European-brand. But the shoes are perfect to complete this outfit.

I decided to make not to hard for myself and I think I did it in the right way. It might be a simple-look, but looking fashionable doesn’t have to be that hard. When I received this shirt from:Bivolino I had this kind of look already in my mind. So here I am in a more classic-way.

Light-Blue shirts are must-have in men’s wardrobe.

When you busy building your own-personal men’s wardrobe. A couple of good-shirts has to be in your wardrobe. Don’t you agree with that? You can mix them with your latest-slim-fit jeans and with several trousers as well. With these combinations you can never fail and leave a good impression whatever the occasion might be. Shirts are classy and basic and you never go wrong in a garment like that, don’t you think? Black, blue, and white shirts are must-have and it’s good to have a couple of them in your wardrobe. Specially when you wear them often during the week. You can switch from shirt and that’s also the way to keep your shirts in a good-condition.You can mix them with your blazers. Specially when you have a more formal-style, it’s a key to have them in your men’s closet. Make sure you have a couple of basic-white t-shirts that you can wear under your shirt. Also very important right?

Where to buy?

There are so many purchase-options when it comes to shirts and tailored shirts as well. Sometimes I asked myself: where should I buy? But if you want to have quality-shirts and also a personal-piece. Than:Bivolino might be a good option for you. It’s a company where you can find bespoke shirts and personalise them how you want. It’s an online tailor from Belgium and you can make your shirts as personal as you want. It all depends on your personal-style and how you want wear it. They also have accessories for your shirt and outfit. The shirts are made from good-quality material and for affordable prizes. Which is good for your wallet and for your wardrobe.What I really like about this online-tailor-company, is that you can even put your own name on the shirt, so that means. It’s really your own personal-shirt. Sounds cool right? Further I received this shirt in a strong-plastic package. That’s something I pay attention to as well. I must say that the material of the shirt is very strong. Which means you wearing a strong-quality shirt. When it comes to shirts like these, I love to have some stronger-material. But you know taste is something very personal don’t you think? If you planning to buy a light-blue shirt for yourself. It might be a good-option to invest in some shirts. When you have the budget it’s always a good-investment. For the long-term you have two-pieces, and you can switch them. It’s good for the quality of the shirts and you have more pleasure from the shirts as well. When you wearing a shirt on a daily-basis you know the loose quality and that’s not what you want.

Occasions to wear a light-blue shirt.

If you planning to buy a couple of light-blue shirts for yourself. You always think: When should I wear them? Right? Because we talk about a basic-item. There are always occasions to wear them. Maybe you only want to wear them at your daily-job. But what you think of wearing it when you have a meeting or when you have a date-night? Some people are really a big-fan of light-blue shirts. They wearing them in there free-time or just at home. Even when you work a-day from home it’s a good option to wear it. Because you never know how your work-day from home will end. Maybe you have a Skype or FaceTime meeting. Then it’s always important to wear something formal right?

Even when you go a night-out at a cock-tail bar, a light-blue shirt is a safe option. What to think of wearing it when you going to restaurant. When you don’t know what to wear? This garment is always a good and safe option. People will see you dress yourself proper. Beside’s that you don’t have to worry that you don’t look good. Make sure that your shirt is ironed before any occasion. Nothing is more terrible than you stepping into the occasion with a shirt that looks like it just came out of the washing machine. It might not be your favourite activity. But take care of your garments is something I truly recommend.

I’m really curious what your thoughts are about this-topic. So let me know in a comment, love to hear from you. Thank you for reading.



Shirt/ Bivolino

Pants/ Topman

Belt/ Gucci

Shoes/ Manfield

Photography/ Koen Stijnen



In collaboration with Bivolino













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