How to Plan a Perfect Summer Vacation on a Budget

summer vacation

It seems that we are, throughout the whole year, dreaming of an ideal summer vacation. This is why we put all our thoughts into trying to find the perfect destination where we will spend our summer holidays, sipping cocktails on the beach, swimming in the ocean or surfing the waves. Be that as it may, there are those who simply cannot make any plans – for one reason or another. Sometimes we really have to think even harder because we have a certain budget that we can spend, and it might be quite challenging to make everything happen. However, there is a way to plan your summer vacation on a budget, you only need to know where to look and what to pay attention to. Take a look at some of the ways in which you can plan your summer vacation on a budget:

Explore your own country

One of the ways in which you could save but also have a great holiday is to try and explore your own country. If, for some reason, you didn’t have enough time to plan out your holiday or your budget is restricted, this might be the reason for you to explore your own country. All of us know more about the important touristic destinations of other countries, and we rarely think about what’s good close to us. This might be the year to change that, so book your accommodation at a nearby town or city, try to find some beautiful places where you could go to, or simply visit the most beautiful national park in your country. 

Save on accommodation

Think of what is important to you and what you want to save money on. If you have a limited budget, it means that you will have to save on some things, right? So, if you’re going someplace exotic and distant, for example, Singapore, what are the things that you could save money on? In order to experience an authentic holiday, you want to save on accommodation. The good thing is that you can find amazing rooms in Singapore that are quite affordable and pretty – you will need them only to stay the night, so why would you pay for an expensive hotel room? Use the money that you can save for an authentic experience in the city, or a luxurious dinner for two.

Go to lesser-known destinations

People in general love going to popular tourist destinations. And honestly, some of them are really worth it. However, if you want a nice holiday as well as to save a bit of cash on the side, why not find a lesser-known destination and head there? Remember that popular destinations have higher prices for both accommodation and life in general. Going somewhere not many tourists go might definitely be the thing that you need. Some European destinations such as Greece, Croatia and Spain have marvelous small places that are so magically beautiful yet very cheap, so do a bit of research on that and find the place that you might like.

Go off-season

Another way to save money is to visit a certain destination off-season. The weather might not be perfect, but the weather is always a risk that you take. Sometimes it might happen that the weather off-season is even better than during the season. However, this risk is exactly why the prices are lower, so you can have a great vacation on a budget. 

Book during promotional periods

Even though it might be hard at the moment to find a promotional period for a holiday, this is something that you should definitely have in mind for next year. Plenty of tourist agencies and hotels offer promotional periods, and if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to get a pretty good discount on either the accommodation, plane tickets, or perhaps the whole package. This requires some homework beforehand, so start exploring a little bit once winter slowly approaches its end (around March). This is the time when many agencies offer promotional prices, and make sure not to miss them.


All in all, it’s not impossible to organize an amazing holiday on a budget. You need to do a bit of research and be very patient, but if you’re diligent enough, you’ll be able to find just the one for you!

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