How to Make Your Summer Vacation Less Stressful

summer vacation

Having only a week or maybe 10 days of holiday is sometimes too short a period to fully relax. We often feel tense and stressed out in the anticipation of going back to work and all the daily tasks that await us. If you are one of those people, here are some pieces of advice on how to make your trip stress-free.

Travel at your own terms and conditions

Oftentimes, we are forced to travel with an agency whose tours and plan we are not okay with. The fact that we can’t visit what we wanted leaves us frustrated. For this not to happen, it is a good idea to plan your own trip. You can set the budget and plan according to your possibilities which is also important, but you will also be able to travel whenever and wherever you like, so you will be in total control of your time.

Plan your vacation ahead

By planning ahead, we are not suggesting planning every single detail, but planning all the possible scenarios that can happen. For example, have a backup hotel option if your original one falls through. Also, try calculating how much money you will need so there won’t be any surprises. If you are traveling with a group of friends, make a deal about what places you want to visit in advance and plan accordingly. People tend to feel safe and less frustrated if they know what they are doing, that is why planning ahead lessens stress significantly.

Packing can be a stress-free process

The whole fuss about packing can become exhausting and make us feel anxious. Not knowing what to bring and having too many clothes we want to take but not enough space to pack them can ruin the fun of packing. To avoid all this, plan your outfits beforehand. That way, you will know exactly what to bring for each day of your vacation. You should pack classic pieces that are easily combined. Those are, for example, a white shirt, denim shorts or a skirt, sandals, sneakers and a dress. Of course, an inevitable part of any summer vacation is a bathing suit. The newest trend right now is triangle swimwear, so make sure you bring at least one. Many different designs and patterns are available. Strappy, ruffles, stripes, dots, or floral, just pick your style and you will be ready to go. In addition to being trendy, practical and comfortable triangle swimwear is easy to pack and travel with.

Leave your daily life at home where it belongs

The truth is we can’t run away from our jobs and obligations; however, your vacation should be a time when you don’t think about work or your bills. Tune out, and unless it is completely necessary, don’t check your e-mails and most importantly, don’t bring your work with you. Instead, bring a book, a board game, or anything else you enjoy but don’t have much time to do.

Who said you can’t have mimosas for breakfast?

When on vacation, use every day of it to the fullest. Don’t worry about your diet or fitness routine because all of that can wait for when you get home. Instead, eat ice-cream, drink cocktails on the beach, drink one more mimosa over breakfast and try local dishes. Bring a book and spend as much time as you can sunbathing and swimming. Go for midnight walks and enjoy the beautiful sunset with whomever you are with.

You can bring back the joy of planning and enjoying a vacation if you follow these simple steps to help reduce the stress you experience during the whole process. A change of mindset together with planning ahead is enough to give you a perfect vacation you will never forget.

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