How to Experience Vietnam Like a Local


Slowly entering the list of world’s most alluring and bewildering countries, Vietnam has long been in the shadow of its neighboring countries in Asia with more exotic beaches or simply better advertising. Still an intact gem of nature, but at the same time a culturally wealthy region, this Asian country is a must-see for any traveler yearning for something entirely new and unspoiled. However, much like the past few years have been all about heading to the world’s finest metropolises and walking the streets like a local, the best way to truly embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey would be to adopt the same approach.

You’ll get lost in the buzzing bike rides of the capital, stop time in the serene silence of its most ancient temples, and rediscover Asian cuisine for what it is truly meant to be – very different from what you’ve seen in western restaurants across the globe. So, let’s take a look at a few best ways to traverse Vietnam like a true local!

Order some weasel coffee

You’ve heard about it, but you’re afraid to actually place an order once you find yourself in a Huongmai Café in Hanoi. Learning that weasel coffee, one of the priciest and most delicious coffees in the world is not made of weasel per se, but of its poop might not make the prospect more appealing, but nonetheless a wonderful challenge for your taste buds. Consider this your initiation ritual to the many strange and exciting flavors you’ll have a chance to taste in Vietnam!

If you by any chance don’t gather the courage to do so, rest assured that every other coffee served on their menus is as rich and flavorful as the one before. So, let’s say that if nothing else worked by now, Vietnam just might turn you into a morning person simply for their impeccable coffee selection. Make sure to include coconut coffee in Da Nang’s Old Quarter to your must-taste list!

Hit the road like a local 

Vietnam has one of the most unique natural landscapes in Indochina, making it a perfect pick for nature enthusiasts, honeymooners, and anyone in search of some adventure. The only surefire way to get a real glimpse of its true heart is through a great Vietnam motorcycle rental that will provide you with a vehicle for your trip through towns, as well as the countryside, depending on your current mood. Make a pit-stop at a local café to try some civet coffee (yes, another animal is involved in the process), and don’t miss a trip to see the Elephant Waterfalls.

You should research how to travel Vietnam by motorbike and find a service to provide you with the needed gear for your Vietnam scooter trip, but also to point you towards the most sought-after routes. Vietnam is known for its hectic traffic riddled with scooters, but since you’ll have so many exciting sights to see and things to do in Vietnam, it’s best to do it on a bike – you’ll cover more territory, spend less time en route, and get to feel the true spirit of this little, but life-loving community. Many parts of Vietnam are still fairly undisturbed by tourist crowds, but soon enough, the world will realize its true potential!

Let the history of Hoi An dazzle you

The entire city of Hoi An is the personification of their culture and history. Infused with various foreign influences much like other parts of colonized Vietnam, Hoi An remains a true homage to Vietnamese legacy and its multicultural blend. The Japanese Bridge alone stands out as a stunning architectural piece of history, while the entire town is sprinkled with breathtaking buildings and notable historic landmarks. Take a walk through the Old Town to visit some of their local stores, and you’ll find the best possible souvenirs, such as their lovely lanterns and other trinkets to take back home with you.

Of course, no visit to Hoi An can go without a stroll by the canal, which will be one of the most serene experiences during your stay in Vietnam. Make sure to book a dinner table at a local restaurant, not just for the sake of delicious cao lầu (made with rice noodles, pork, fresh veggies, and of course, authentic spices), but also to experience the lantern galore once the sun sets later in the evening.


Life in Vietnam has a different tempo to it, and paired with fine coffee and local cuisine, mingling with the locals every step of the way transforms an ordinary trip into an outstanding adventure. Make sure to add these Vietnamese spots to your itinerary, and you’ll quickly find yourself meandering the streets on a motorbike in search of your favorite street food stall like a true local.

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