How to Experience Melbourne Like a Local


Everyone craves to see and taste the Land Down Under at least once in their lifetime, and what better way to do just that than to immerse yourself into the local life of its iconic cities? For those of you who already feel the travel jitters, rest assured that anyone who sets foot onto Melbourne territory will instantly feel like local, no matter where you come from or if you’re a first-time visitor.

The sheer level of hospitality, multiculturalism, and innovation in every possible aspect of this city’s existence will dazzle you in mere moments. So, if you’re hooked to the idea of traveling like a local, let’s take a look at a few ways to dive into the Melbourne scene and make the most of your adventure!

Melbourne morning jog

The Royal Botanical Gardens might be located almost in the very heart of the city, but as soon as you enter this serene patch of greenery, you’ll feel as if you’ve escaped the city hustle. Nestled on the shores of the Yarra River, it’s 38 hectares of pure bliss clad in emerald. The locals, as well as tourists, rush to explore its stunning picnic spots and beautiful lakes, but you can go a step further and head out there in the early morning.

This is your best opportunity to truly mingle with dedicated local fitness enthusiasts rushing out for their morning jog. This is the most tranquil moment of the day, and a perfect way to start your adventure.

Shop locally

The temptation might be strong to head straight to the designer stores in the CBD. However, you should opt for secondhand stores, vintage and artisan boutiques, and market stalls instead. This is where the true gems hide from the prying eyes of tourists, and where you’ll find Aussies doing their everyday perusing. Support the local designers by purchasing a handmade jewelry piece, or treat yourself to a vintage garment from stores such as RetroStar you’ll cherish for good.

Choose the best accommodation

Luckily for you, there are many lovely options for staying in the city, from the suburban apartments all the way to CBD boutique hotels. However, by far the best way to mingle with more locals is to book an Airbnb apartment in a pleasant neighborhood such as Brighton or the boho-chic Fitzroy.

You’ll find that locals do their absolute best to create a unique atmosphere, so don’t be surprised by the themed apartments such as the forest one or the Star Wars one on offer. Spending time outside of the city center will also give you access to locally loved brunch spots and health food courts, so ask your host for some pointers, and you’ll probably an entire day filled to the brim with gallery visits, restaurants, and the like.

Enjoy the local delicacies

You haven’t officially been to Australia until you try their most precious good – the local wine! Of course, while you’ll encounter a range of crisp and full-bodied bottles in every restaurant in the city, the best possible way to experience Australian wine is to go straight to the source and visit the nearby wineries.

For the finest tastes of the Mediterranean and an Italian feast to tease your palate, you should visit the stunning Olivigna winery just under an hour outside of Melbourne. A single glass of their locally produced Prosecco, and you’ll know what it means when Tuscany meets Australian craftsmanship, especially if you pair it with their finest meals.

Bask in the sun

Sydney may steal the spotlight in the media when it comes to its coastal life, but Melbourne can definitely provide you with the perfect amount of laid-back vibes and a number of local surfers to teach you the ropes. This is another reason to stay in some of the above-listed suburbs, as the Brighton Beach and the St Kilda one are both breathtakingly beautiful.


Most importantly, keep your schedule flexible, because you’ll learn far more once you’re there. Accustomed to tourists and newcomers from all over the globe, local residents will gladly point you to the best events in town and any new artsy, foodie, or shopping spot to your taste – all you need to do is ask!

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