How to Create a Stylish Fall Wardrobe Capsule


As soon as millennials cracked the code on how to truly live by opting to spend less on possessions and redirect their funds into having experiences, the concept of capsule wardrobe became all the rage. By the look of things, the situation won’t be changing anytime soon. Having a capsule wardrobe, in essence, means owning a finite number of clothing items and accessories that all work incredibly well together, and so they provide one the ability to create endless combinations that always look flawless. Yes, the younger generations do spend less on goods, but they don’t shy away from spending good money on high-quality items that will last them for seasons to come. You call it shopping, they call it an investment. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Well, if we’ve managed to tickle your fancy, stay tuned and create your own well-curated fall wardrobe.

The fit and the colors

The most important thing to bear in mind when investing in a quality wardrobe is the fit. This is why, when shopping, it’s vital that you don’t settle for something that just fits fine – it needs to fit perfectly because you’ll be wearing it all the time. Another thing is quality – for your items to stand the test of time, they need to be immaculately tailored and made from the best fabrics, so be very picky in this aspect.

The next thing we need to think about the cut. While you may indulge in buying a trendy item or two, try to stick to classic cuts and designs as trends are fleeting, and you’re in the business of creating something more permanent.

Finally, the color palette. While you are free to take the minimalist route and opt for shades of grey, navy, camel, brown, white, black and perhaps burgundy in certain cases, you don’t have to if those colors sound boring. The important thing is to choose items that will mesh well, so if you’re a fan of color, by all means, go for it. Choose very carefully as even these colors all need to blend with each other perfectly in order to provide you with the possibility of creating endless outfits. After all, this is the entire point of a capsule wardrobe. Avoid busy prints and stick to single colors. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into the specific items you need.

Fall necessities

Given that it’s fall, outerwear should be the first item on your list. Now, depending on your style and preference, there are two roads to take – a classic trench coat, which can be incredibly versatile and provide you with looks ranging from business to casual, or you can go for a great leather jacket. There are plenty of amazing cuts to choose from, so follow your style gut and you won’t be wrong.

What every man needs

The one thing every man needs is a great suit. The suit allows you to not only have a ready-to-go outfit for any formal occasion without having to go through the trouble of pairing tops and bottoms, but it also makes sure you look dapper whenever the situation calls for it. Again, make darn sure it fits perfectly and find the color that compliments you the most. You can go from light grey to dark grey, navy, brown or even black. This is all a matter of preference, but owning at least one is a definite must.

The bottoms

One or two pairs of great jeans are good enough to get you through the colder months. The colors should be dark wash and black, and when it comes to the cut, again, pay attention to rule number one – the fit. You simply have to choose the ones that do your body justice. As it is fall, they should be a tad sturdier, and when it comes to quality, Mavi jeans shop will never let you down, so our honest advice is to turn to a brand such as this if endurance and style is what you’re looking for. Along with a pair of khakis or corduroy pants in a fun color such as burgundy to spice things up, you’re pretty much all set when it comes to bottoms.

Made for walking

In terms of shoes, the choice is fairly easy – you need three pairs and you’re done. Dress shoes are number one, followed by casual shoes and a pair of sneakers. A pair of solid black and brown shoes, depending on the color palette of your clothes will suffice. As for the casual option, they can be anything from loafers to cowboy boots. For sneakers, we recommend white tennis shoes as they are the most versatile, and the leather will protect your feet from the rain.  

The finishing touches

For men, accessorizing comes easy as we don’t need much variety. A couple of modern and sleek Tawo bracelets will suffice in terms of jewelry, along with a great watch – you only need one, trust us. If you’re a hat guy, a brown or a black hat is enough, and aside from a few great ties for your suits and dress shirts, you’re done.

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