How to Combine a Printed Summer shirt

How to Combine a Printed Summer shirt, is what I asked myself as well. Certainly when I bought this summer shirt before the heat was coming. What are your plans this summer?

How to combine a Printed summer shirt.

How are you guys? I am happy because I can share my latest outfit with you. Today I want to share with you how to combine a printed summer shirt. But first I want to tell you that I’m very happy with the progress that I made as a person the last six-months. I feel stronger and have more confident in myself. It’s not always has bin this way the last few-years. But I made some changes in my life and I feel no regrets about that. I grow as a person and I’m happy with the progress. I’m al so happy because I have my guest-writer who has uploaded his first Article that means a lot for me. Further I have some nice stuff in the background going on, I can’t tell you right now, but soon I will share it with you.

Now let’s talk about how to combine a printed summer shirt. I’ve searched for a shirt what was more casual and I was scrolling trough the online-retailers for hours. Just because there so many cool shirts with prints or without prints. It’s depends on your personal-taste. I decided to buy this shirt from:Club Monaco which is a brand what I love to wear. The have more casual style-clothing which I love to wear from time to time. The shirt I’m wearing fits perfect with this time of the year and make’s me feel more fashionable and give a real summer feeling as well. It’s easy to combine with a beige short like I did. But it’s al so to combine with a simple-short jeans if you want. It depends on your personal-style.

How I completed this look.

I’ve completed this look with a beige-short from: HM which I bought three-years a go, but it’s still in great shape. Further I thought it would be cool to Finish the look with my white-sneakers. When you spend you’re day in the city it is more comfortable to wear sneakers instead of loafers. What you al so can see on the pictures is that I’m carry my weekend-bag with me. Which I have for years now and still happy to have. It’s a must-have when you spend your weekend out of the door or when you are traveling.

Three Reasons why Printed shirt’s are worth the investment.

Reason one: It looks fashionable and give’s you a good-summer-feeling.

Reason two: You can wear it with so many other items like: linen short or short-jeans.

Reason three: It’s comfortable to wear and easy to combine with a day-to-day outfit, or a summer-evening outfit.

What is your summer-look right now?

I’m very curious guys, what your summer look is right now, and you can let me know in a comment down below with a link for example. Some other summer-looks always give me inspiration to improve my personal-style.

Speak to you soon guys.


Shirt by/ Club Monaco

Short by/ HM

Sneakers by / Christian Louboutin

Weekend bag /Prada

Photography by / Koen Stijnen

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