How To Combine a Grey Hoodie

How To Combine a Grey Hoodie? Hey Guys how are you? Today I want to share with you how to combine a Grey Hoodie. It’s not always easy.

How to combine a Grey Hoodie?

Now today I want to share how I combined this Grey clothing-piece. I bought this Grey sweater last month just at the beginning of the new NBA-Season 2018-2019. Since 2012 I’m a Miami-Heat fan and I wanted to have a sweater of this team. So I decide to surf on the web for this piece. I was looking in the online store of nike and they had this clothing-piece in Grey and Black. I decided to buy the grey version because, I love to wear this color as well. Unfortunately the black-version in my size is already sold out on the nike store for me, maybe in your country not. I was planning to buy the black-version as well. So maybe later I’m able to buy the black-version ( wish me luck ) But I decided to combine the grey-version with my black jeans from Acne Studios because I didn’t want to make it hard for myself. Further I to finish this look. I combine them with my Grey/Black Jordans what fits the best with my black jeans and grey hoodie I think. The cap I’m wearing is a gift from my brother during his trip to Florida this year 2018. I’m very happy with it, despite  I don’t wear his cap often. But during this photoshoot it was very nice to wear it. If you planning to buy a Grey sweater just like me, you have to think also about the shoes and jeans or trouser. To create a nice sportive look it’s always smart to think about that before you buy your sweater or hoodie.

How would you wear combine this Grey Hoodie?

I’m very curious how you would wear this Grey Hoodie? I’m a person that it always interested in others  people clothing-style although I don’t follow a lot of people on instagram for example. I’ve bin follow around 380 people, but there are some guys that I follow. Who has amazing style and really admire them. The way the create and how they do it, really inspires me. One of my favourite style icons is David Beckham. He always looks very fashionable and it’s a pleasure to watch. But if you scrolling trough your instagram page, you will discover so many other fashionable guys and it always give’s you inspiration.

Why a Hoodie is a must-have in a men’s wardrobe.

In my opinion a hoodie or sweater is a must-have in your wardrobe. These kind of clothing-pieces are always handy in every season. During this fall/winter these kind of clothes are even more important because the temperature is low. But even during spring/summer these type of clothes belongs in your wardrobe if you ask me. During the evening/night when the temperature is low you can wear with also. So that’s why a Hoodie is a must-have in a men’s wardrobe. Let me know what you think of this outfit and what kind of hoodies or sweater you have in your wardrobe? I’m very curious. You can leave a comment down below.

Speak to you soon during the holiday-season, for now I say: happy weekend guys !


Hoodie /Nike

Jeans / Acne Studios

Jordans /Nike

Miami-Heat Cap / NBA Store

Photography / Koen Stijnen




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