How I styled Oversized long-sleeve T-shirt

How I styled oversized long-sleeve t-shirt

How I styled Oversized long-sleeve T-shirt, today I show you how I styled this oversized-garment. As you might know. I really love to wear this kind of garments. What is your favourite garment to wear? Love to hear from you and I’m very curious what your favourite pieces are.

How I Styled oversized long-sleeve tshirt2

How I Styled oversized long-sleeve t-shirt 4

How I Styled oversized long-sleeve t shirt3


How I Styled oversized long-sleeve t-shirt 6

How I styled oversized long-sleeve t-shirt7

How I styled Oversized long-sleeve T-shirt.

So guys, today another post about this kind-garments. If you following me for a while. You have seen a couple of outfits with this kind of garments. During this time of the year I love to wear it. It’s comfortable to wear. Beside’s that it’s one of my favourite pieces right now. If you ask me: I can’t get enough pieces like this. Wearing more tighter clothes doesn’t always fit me. Although I still have tight t-shirts in my closet. It always depends on the outfit right? What you like to wear today? And what do you like to wear tomorrow? Or the next week? But let’s get back to the outfit. I decided to pair this long oversized-garment from:HM with a white-denim from:Diesel-Black-Gold. This is more luxurious part of Diesel. I have this denim for quite a while now and I’m planning to wear it this Spring/Summer again. I’ve did it with this outfit also. Further to complete the look in Grey & white, I decided to use my high-top white sneakers from: ┬áThese are really nice kicks and you always count on the. I’ve got a good experience with them, because sneakers always walk so comfortable.

Other ways to style this Garment.

Wearing this garment with a white-denim and some white kicks. It seems like a easy choice right? But there are more ways to style this oversized long-sleeve t-shirt. What to think of wearing this with a black-trouser? or with just a white-trouser and some low-top-sneakers? Because this is grey-oversized t-shirt. It’s easier to mix it with other clothing-pieces from your wardrobe. When you don’t love to wear denim so much. You could easy wear this with your favourite trouser. It’s a garment to platy with it. Sometimes style is all about playing and try to create different outfits. So keep your style on point and you not get bored. Fashion has to be fun and inspring and not be a battle. Style is personal and that’s why you have to follow your own taste.

Where you can score Oversized T-shirt.

Let’s start with saying that it all depends on your budget and how important it is for you. Some people want to have a few of them in there closet. Other people don’t wear nothing-else during Spring/Summer. If I look to myself and my Spring/Summer Wardrobe. I love to have a few of oversized t-shirts in my closet. But I also ┬álove to have more formal t-shirts or polo’s. A mix from dapper-looks and street-style looks. But when you search for a Oversized T-shirts I highly recommend to check out:Asos and also: Forever21 they have nice-pieces for affordable prizes. When you want to invest in some high-end quality oversized-pieces. I would definitely check out:LabelsFashion they have great streetwear pieces. LabelsFashion has the latest streetwear pieces for you.



Jeans/ Diesel-Black-Gold

Sneakers/ Nike

Photography by Taria-Ann




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