How I combine Balenciaga

How I combined Balenciaga, today I want to share with you how I combined this major brand. It’s was quite hard to combine this. But at the end I did it my way.

This is how I combined Balenciaga.

During spring I received my latest purchase, and I was thinking how to combined this t-shirt. My first thought was to combine it with a black-short jeans. That would be cool don’t you think? But it was also to mix it with a longer short for example: the long shorts from Rick Owens. At the end I decided to mix my t-shirt with a Adidas original short. Which is a good choice if you ask me. Further I choose to finish this look with my latest pair of white-jordan sneakers. These sneakers where on my wish-list. Just because a couple pair of white-sneakers is a must-have in a mens wardrobe. Specially when you like to wear street-clothing , you need a couple pair of fresh white sneakers. You can never go wrong with that.

Second-hand t-shirt.

Everybody knows that high-end fashion is something really expensive. That’s why I always search on the web to see if I Can buy a nice Tee for less of the prize. Why should I pay 350 euro’s if I can pay less? On the other hand. I’ve bought some clothes for the full-prize in the past. If I think back  about that time, I feel a little bit guilty. But on the other hand everybody would like to have fresh new t-shirt from a store right ? Now this Balenciaga Tee is second hand from there collection 2016/2017. But the brand is still trend at the moment. The have same Tee in there spring/summer collection 2017/2018 but they put not a year on the back. So that is the only difference between the latest T-shirt and the one I’m wearing on the pictures.

White or black sneakers to complete this look?

As mentioned before I’ve finished this look with some fresh white-sneakers. When I bought the white-sneakers from Jordan. I bought them in Grey as well because I was in need for sneakers. I’m about to show you my other grey Jordan-sneakers soon in combination with another outfit. But if you wearing this look with a black-short, it also looks cool with black sneakers.  You will see that attention goes more to the t-shirt because colour-White always stands out.

Adidas Black-short is a must-have.

This is in my opinion a key-short for every summer. Why? Just because you can combine it with every street-wear/summer item you have in your wardrobe. What I really like about this short. This black-short has zippers on both side’s. So that make’s it more attractive to wear/buy if you ask me. You can put your key’s or phone in the short-jeans. Further this short is so comfortable to wear. Even when the tempature is very hot. So I’m very happy with it.

I’ve got a new photographer.

Well as you can see on the pictures. I have a new photographer. The last six-months of this year 2018 it was a huge struggle to find someone. I’ve search for a person that fits with my vision and how I want to capture my personal clothing-style. So last-month I’ve found a guy who is able to get the job done. We had a meeting a couple weeks a go, and also discussed some other topics as well. I’m more than happy now, because we share or creative minds and share our feelings about pictures as well. So guys let me know what you think of this outfit and the pictures down below in a comment. I love to read your opinion.

Speak to you soon


T-shirt by / Balenciaga

Short by / Adidas

Air Jordan Sneakers by / Nike

Photography by / Koen Stijnen


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