Happy Friday

Happy Friday Guys, how are you today? It has bin quite hectic week for me personally. With good moments and bad moments. Let’s talk about the good moments first.

Happy Friday.

So guys I’m always happy as I know that it’s Friday. I always feel like: be at the top of mountain. Happy Friyay to you guys. I hope you had a great week. My week was kind of hectic because the house was under-water like serious. Last Tuesday the train was so heavy, that our house was damaged. The basement was under-water and our garage as well. But at the moment everything is fine.

Blog Changes.

The last two weeks I did an experiment with blogging on a daily-base, but to be honest with you guy’s: it’s very hard for me at the moment. I’m happy to write everyday but the quality is something I’m not happy with. The good quality images is the missing-key for me at the moment. I made some changes on my Instagram as well. Quality is something what I really want to show on my social-media channels. That quality must be good enough for me. I know how I want to show you my personal-style. The quality of images will be in your mind, further the stories as well. But I’m not satisfied at the moment. So I decided to  show more quality instead of quantity. I hope you understand my decisions. It means that I will be less active on my social-media channels and blog as well. But I only want to give you the best. I don’t feel good at the moment when I’m editing the images. So If I’m not happy with it, how can someone else be happy with it? That is for me the main-reasons, why I made this decision.

I speak with you soon.


Happy weekend.



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