Gift From my Brother

Chicago 23

Gift From my Brother. Hello readers. Today I want to share with you a gift from my brother. It’s a basketball jersey. Which was kind of surprise for me. I didn’t expect to received this kind of gifts. But I’m not try to complain about it. My brother and his girlfriend where on a vacation to Vietnam. Every year he goes and comes back, he brings something home to us. But the funny thing is that I never expect to receive a basketball jersey. Thank you for that. Now a days, my brother knows that I love this sport very much. During his vacation in Florida last year, he bought a Miami Heat cap for me. This was really cool and I’m grateful to have this kind of person in my life. This cap is in my bedroom next to my other caps. I know that not everybody has good-family-relationships.  But lucky enough I have a good relation-ship with him right now. My plan is to keep it this way.


Jersey from family member.

Gift from my brother

Brothers gift

Basketball Jersey from the back

Present from my brother

Surprise gift from my brother.

Surprise from my brother

Gift Jordan Jersey.

As you can see on the pictures I received a Jordan-Jersey in the colour red. It’s a really nice jersey and I love to wear it from time to time. Now a days when the summer is here, I wear it more often. It’s easy to wear and specially when I want to wear something more sportive. I can take this jersey out my closet and paired with some shorts and sneakers. After that I’m ready for the court don’t you think? Receiving a gift from a family-member is always pleasure. As you can see in one of my previous:Blogposts you see I’m wearing a Basketball-jersey as well. This one I’m wearing is size medium and this fits me a little bit better. The Miami-heat jersey is a size: S and fits tighter which is not that comfortable. I prefer to wear a medium in this kind of jersey’s. Wearing a 23 Jordan jersey is also cool because it’s iconic number in this sport. I will tell you more about it today. Micheal Jordan is the most famous NBA-Player of all time. Played for the Chicago-Bulls and a iconic sport-player. Who doesn’t know him right?

My love for this sport.

As you might read in one of my previous:Blogposts you read that I became a basketball fan around the year of 2012. I was a student and I was following the NBA-PLAYOFFS. Which is a huge-thing in the world of basketball and sport in general. I love this sport since then and I wil tell you why. The first reason I love this sport is  that most of the teams having the same chances to win the NBA-Tittle. Which makes this sport more unpredictable than soccer for example. You know in soccer that the bigger-teams are winners most of the time. Further more I love the tension that this sports brings in every game. You also have four quarters of 15 minutes. This means players have more rest. In soccer for example you only have 15 minutes rest during these 90-minutes. Although during the summer, the games has some drinks-stops as well. But if we speak in general. There is only 15 minutes rest in soccer. Basketball has 30 minutes of rest and this a difference. But very healthy for the game in general and for the players as well.

Mr.Jordan 23.

Micheal Jordan is the most richest retired sports-man in the world. He’s worth over 2,3 billion dollars. His legacy is forever and we don’t know a better NBA-Player in history as Mr.Jordan 23. Six-time champion with the Chicago-Bulls and his styled of played was a big-influence. His style of playing basketball was not only on the court but also of the court a eye-catcher. The 56-old-basketball-player was one the first marketing sport-products ever. There are not many people that never hurt of the Nike-Air-jordan sneaker, which is a world-famous-sneaker now a days. The deal with Nike is worth 123,000,000 millions euro each year. Not bad right? He’s now number 445 of richest people in America.

Where to Buy this jersey?

These NBA-Jersey are for sale on the following websites:Let’s start with Nike they have a large-collection of NBA-Jerseys. Also the officia: NBA-Store has a large collection of jersey’s from your favourite NBA-Team. Even this kind of jersey I’m wearing on the pictures. Is available on there website. When you purchase over there. You received a official-jersey and you support the NBA. That must give you a great feeling right? If you not a online-shopper. There are always possibilities to visit a bigger-town in your country. Most bigger sport-shops have a collection of NBA-Jersey’s as well. What I can recommend is to buy it before the start of the season. Because than every size is in stock. You don’t have to be afraid that your size is not available. When you wait until the end of the season. You might have the chance that your size is sold-out.


Normally I don’t write a lot about my private-life. But now the summer is here. I thought it was good-moment to speak about my private-life a little bit. Last Month I’ve send out a survey-list to a lot of people who are around me. This survey-list was all about my blog. The main-reason I’ve send this survey-list, was I wanted to know more about my readers and how to improve my blog. Now a lot of people response to my survey-list and I’m super grateful for that. It was also something really exciting, because it was the first-time I’ve send out a survey-list as a blogger.

The results of the survey-list where quite good. I received a six and this is good. But it also means that there is a lot of work on my plate. Most of the people are very supportive. But most important thing I struggle with is the fact that I got doubts about the lay-out. I have this lay-out quite a while now and I have the desire for a complete new layout. What do you think guys? I’m really looking forward to your reactions. But also let me know what are you summer-plans? You can leave a comment down below. Love to hear from you.


Black short/ Nike

High-top Sneakers/ Nike

Photographed by: Koen Stijnen















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