German Craftmanship

German Craftmanship when I saw the Kerbholz Watch & Sunglass For the first time. After that I was curious how it was to wear both essentials.


This German Craftmanship has something that stands out the crowd, if you ask me. Let me tell you a little bit more about it.

German Craftmanship is not always standard, but Kerbholz is certainly what makes Germany great. The Brand was founded in 2011. Two Guys traveled in Central-America. During there time traveling in to the woods, the idea of the products where born. Now all of there products are made from Wood, Slate or Acetate what makes them natural. With this material they make a difference in there industry for sure. It’s not only good for there own image, but al so for there clients as well, because your purchase is a real natural product. Sounds cool right? Further Kerbholz donate shares with projects who are involved in reforestation.

My Personal Experience.

Now the first time I had my hands on the Sunglass & Watch, it was great, because of the weight. Sometimes you feel that a watch or Sunglass is more heavier, but thought the material, you feel that there is a natural product in your hands. If you planning a trip in to the woods, and you looking for a sunglass or watch, that fits with the location you go to, than Kerbholz is the right choice. Specially the two pair essentials that I’m wearing, when I look at the Sunglass and watch, I’m ready for a spontaneous adventure in the woods.

I want them! But Where to buy?

There are retailers all over the world, From China to America, Kerbholz is represented. But maybe you are just as lazy as I am, and you want to buy them online? Just straight from your couch. Or maybe you live in a Country where they don’t have retailers that sell Kerbholz, you never know? Thank god there are online shops, more than ever in 2017. As we go a little bit more personal, I’m a huge fan of buying stuff online, certainly because I hate these shopping-malls with thousands of people.

Further I wish you guys a Happy Summer and a Happy weekend, speak to you very soon.

Sunglass & Watch / Kerbholz

Photography by Tamara Rubia



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