From Barcelona to Madrid

From Barcelona to Madrid, what a amazing experience. Today I  share my best travel experience so far. I still can’t believe, I was able to travel by train from Barcelona to Madrid. I’m going to tell you everything about my trip. It has bin three years a go.

From Barcelona to Madrid. 

Why I had this Idea? My first travel -experience was from Amsterdam to Barcelona. I never fly before. It was Fall  20111 and I was at my apartment. For me it was time to go away from Holland. I lived near Schiphol Airport. Very handy if you ask me. I was always curious how it was to be on a plain. In that time, I saved money and I thought: why not fly? So booked my first ticket by myself. I did my first travel experience all alone. From buying tickets to boarding. After my first travel experience. It was ready for something different. During the Fall of 2013, I booked three hotel night’s in Barcelona, but between three days in Barcelona, I took one day the train to Madrid.

It was not a spontaneous adventure.

In 2013 I wanted to visit the Capital of Spain for one day! I spoke with a friend of me, because he is from Spain. We discussed my plans how to do is. My plan was to do this by Train.  The funny fact was that I bought my train-ticket online, but I missed that train where I paid for. What was the reason? I woke up to late! I’ve ordered a taxi who brought me to Barcelona Sants, which is the train-station of Barcelona. I told the guy that I’m in a hurry to tach my train From Barcelona to Madrid. He drives  as fast as possible. Finally I arrived at Barcelona-sants. Running as fast I can to my train.

How I get in the train?

Unfortunately I was to late. I talked with the conductor, how I can use my train ticket? The told me that I couldn’t not use this train-ticket again. I was disappointed and bought a new ticket. After waiting 30-minutes at Barcelona Sants. There was this next train From Barcelona to Madrid. I’ve already bought a new ticket. Finally my new travel experience started. With my exciting feels, I took my seat. I remember this day as hectic. Now I can say this was a learning-experience as well. Because I was more than a hour late. My plans in Madrid change. First of all the train makes a stop in Zaragoza.


A Renfe-Train goes 300 Kh/M, the fasted train in Europe, by the way. My train -Journey took 3 hours. In case of travel-time it was not much. Besides that i’m used to it. Finally I could see more from Spain during the train-journey. Before this trip, I’ve only seen Barcelona. But I wanted to see something else. When you took the plane from Barcelona To Madrid, you only see the sky. During the train-trip, I was able to see hills and beautiful nature of Spain How cool is that? After 3 hours of smiling trough the window. I arrived at Madrid-Atocha. Madrid-Atohca is the biggest train-station in Spain.


I was nervous and excited at the same time, when I stepped out the train. All alone in a big city as Madrid. But I’m a person that is always in for a new adventure. So bring the noice! I walked to the centre with my ear-pods in, enjoying the vibe of Madrid. In 2013 I didn’t had a big camera, like I have now. So I took all of shots with my iPhone 4S that time. If I looked trough the pictures. I can not say that these pictures are bad. But to be honest with you. If I could travel again, I would make better shots. Now I’m writing this experiment for you, my memories getting on point. First I visited Plaza de Cibeles.

After seeing Plaza Cibeles, I walked to Puerto del sol, this is located in the City Centre as wel. By the way, The weather was not bad that day. I can’t remember exactly what kind of weather it was. Down below I’ve Capture the Famous Puerto Del Sol, what they  al so called: The Gate to the Sun.

As you can see Puerto Del Sol is a very touristic place. Now I can say that it don’t botter me at all.

The last picture was taken at Gran Via. This street is the most famous street in Madrid, always full of people and traffic. You can imagine Madrid is a big metropol. After spending a afternoon/evening in the Spanish Capital, I realized how different Madrid is From Barcelona. Not only in People or in Area’s. In every single way Madrid has his own identity. When I walked to Madrid Puerto Atocha, I was satisfied, I say goodbye in the train back to Barcelona. A great that started hectic and ended slowly.

How to go from Barcelona to Madrid?

As I said: I booked my train-ticket on: Renfe , its very easy, you can pay with Credit Card as well. Further if you don’t have a creditcard. You can use PayPal, so there are many options to buy your train-ticket. There is al so the option to buy it at the Train-Station, if you don’t like to buy it online. With so many options, you can make your choice better if you ask me.

What to see in Madrid?

I’m not the person who knows a lot about Madrid. But the capital of Spain has so much to offer. The best time? I would say during the Spring. When you planning to go in the summer, its way to hot. The heat is there and when you are not used to this. I will give you the advice, to book during the Spring. There are a lot of places that you can see. As you can see I visite the most popular spots in town.  But you have Plaza Mayor, Spanish Royal Palace, Santiago Bernabeu, Retiro what is based near Madrid Atocha, only five minutes walk. With this saying I hope you enjoy my travel-experience.

Hopefully I see Madrid again, So can I’m able to tell you more about it.

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