Four Winter Essentials for Men

Four Winter Essentials for Men, which Four essentials would that be? How was your weekend Guys? I’ve spend my weekend at home and worked on my blog.

Today I want to talk with you about Four Winter Essentials, because there are a lot of them exactly. Let’s start shall we?

Shearling Coat.

A Shearling coat is really a key-piece in a winter-wardrobe. During the cold-months nothing will make you more happier than a shearling coat. It keeps you warm and looks cozy in these cold-days. Shearling coats are warm and always a pleasure to wear. You don’t have to be scared that you get cold when you go outside for a activity. When you not have this winter-essential in your wardrobe, but you are planning to buy a shearling-coat. Than you just have to check:
Matches Fashion and of course:MrPorter the have really nice shearling-coats and if you do the right investment, you will have a shearling-coat for many years. If you don’t have the budget for a more expensive version. You always have the options like: Asos and Zara the have shearling-jackets as well. And buying at Asos or Zara is better for your wallet 😉 I have a Winter-Coat with some shearling in this coat. But to be honest with you guys, I don’t wear my winter-coat not that often anymore, because I don’t feel fashionable anymore when I’m wearing my coat. So Next-winter season I will do a smart-purchase when it comes to a shearling-jacket.

The Turtle-neck Sweater.

This key-piece keeps your neck cozy and warm. If you still searching for the right-sweater and you want to keep your neck at the right temperature. This is a key-piece in a men’s wardrobe during the winter-time. What I personally like about a turtle-neck is that fits so well with a blazer and a nice trouser. When you wearing this you have the perfect outfit for a business-meeting or when you go out for dinner. That sounds great right ? Two winters-long I didn’t bought a turtle-neck and I can’t explain why I didn’t bought one ! So maybe next-winter-season I will buy a key-piece like this. Because I totally agree with the fact that it belongs in a men’s-wardrobe.

Scarf, your best friend during winter time right?

A Scarf is a must-have ofcourse, I don’t think there are men who not agree with me. But you have scarfs in different fabrics like: Wool, cashmere for example. I prefer to wear both and I can give you the advise to invest in two different kind of scarfs. One scarf in wool and the other one in cashmere. Cashmere is more expensive but you have a scarf for years and it always looks fashionable if you mix it with the right outfit. A Wool scarf is less expensive and easy to replace if you sick of tired wearing the same wool-scarf every winter season. So my advise to you is do a investment if you have the possibility and you will enjoy your scarf’s every winter-season. Beside’s that a scarf and Beanie will finish your fashionable winter-look right?

A Beanie has to be in your winter-wardrobe.

It’s cold outside baby, so I need a beanie as soon as possible ! But what kind of beanie do I want to wear? Should I go for a Cashmere beanie or just for a cotton-beanie ? Maybe a wool-beanie fits best? These are all questions I think about when winter is around the corner or already has arrived. Last year I received a beanie from Vogue when I bought a copy of there magazine. But I decided to give it away to lady I worked with a couple of times. The other Beanie that I received was from the lifestyle-brand:Balr and unfortunately I’ve lost it. I even don’t know where I lost it exactly? But anyways I still have one in my closet and I’m planning to show it you guys in a blogpost this month. I keep you updated about that. With that having said I want to ask you: Are you agree with these four winter-essentials? Let know in a comment down below, I’m curious what your opinion is and if you know some other winter-essentials, because there is a lot of winter-essentials right?

For now I say: Happy week and speak to you real soon ! Hugs, Luc




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