Four Knitwear-Pieces for this winter

Four Knitwear-Pieces for this winter. Today I want to talk with you about Four Knitwear-pieces. What are these Four knitwear-pieces? But first: How are you guys and how is your week so far? I’m excited to visit Amsterdam tomorrow for an appointment and some quality-time with a good friend. Further I had a good-meeting with a new photographer this week and I’m excited to work with him, it’s some kind of experiment. Don’t how it will work-out, but we will see that in the up-coming Time. I keep you updated about that.

Turtle-neck sweater.

In my opinion a turtle-neck sweater is a key-piece in men’s wardrobe. Specially during the winter-time you want to have your neck warm and it’s a good option when you didn’t find the right scarf yet. Because finding the right scarf is not easy. Let’s say that a turtle-neck is perfect for almost every occasion: When you go out for dinner, or even when you have office kind of day. Your boss would wear this kind of ¬†knitwear to believe me ! Turtle-Neck sweaters are available everywhere and you don’t have buy it in cashmere for example. Even brands like:
Mango or Selected offering turtle-neck sweaters for more affordable prizes. Next winter-season it will be in my wardrobe as well, I know experience what I really miss in my wardrobe. Maybe I’m going to buy it in the sale but I’m not really sure.

Cashmere sweater.

Let’s not forget¬†the Cashmere sweater. In my opinion a cashmere sweater is a timeless-piece and a good investment in your wardrobe. I know cashmere is a expensive fabric, but the reward is worth the bill let me tell you that. To be honest with you guys, I don’t have a cashmere-sweater in my closet right now and everyday during winter-time I ask myself: why I don’t have this clothing-piece in my hands or in my wardrobe? I’ve read a lot about these cashmere-sweaters and about the fabric in general. Every single-person I’ve asked about this fabric is very positive because it’s really cozy and warm and perfect to wear during these cold-months. So I think we to go to: MatchesFashion or to: MrPorter and buy ourselves a cashmere-sweater shall we?

Wool Cardigan.

The wool-cardigan we can’t forget to put it in our men’s wardrobe. Every time I’m wearing it feels so much better than wearing: cotton for example. Beside’s that: if you want pop up your tie. The cardigan is a great knitwear to do that. You can see more of the tie and you can make impact with that during a Business-meeting or at your office. As you can see I decided to wear it without a Tie and it’s also a good option if you not a type person that loves to wear a tie. Yeah ladies and gentleman you have that kind of people on this earth. This wool-cardigan is from:Dolce & Gabbana and I had it in my closet of years. Last year I decided to say goodbye because it was not wearable anymore.


Of course we can’t forget the hoodie. If your a fan of hoodie’s like I Am you can’t image a men’s wardrobe without a hoodie right? Sometimes you just want to make your outfit as easy as possible and with a nice hoodie and jeans a pair of sneakers and you done ! So easy and fashionable it can be for you. That’s why I have a few of them in my closet because I like to wear hoodies. It make’s me feel younger and more stronger in some way. I hope you this give you some inspiration and you will take some time to look at your own wardrobe to see if you are missing knitwear-pieces like I do.

Speak to you Friday, Hugs Luc.



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