Gift From my Brother

Gift From my Brother. Hello readers. Today I want to share with you a gift from my brother. It’s a basketball jersey. Which was kind of surprise for me. I didn’t expect to received… [Read more]

SS 19 Mens Bag Trend

SS 19 Mens bag Trend. Hello Readers how are you? It’s summer-time and fashion-month is behind us. We have seen so many nice collections for the next SS20. What was your favourite show? Let… [Read more]

Lets Go Miami Heat

Lets Go Miami Heat. Hi lovely readers. You might not know yet. But I’m a Miami Heat fan since the spring of 2012. So in today’s post it’s all about that. Last summer 2018… [Read more]

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga. Today I’m sharing a outfit that I was wearing last summer 2018. It was my first photoshoot with Koen Stijnen. It was quite exciting because working with a new-photographer is never easy…. [Read more]

Step out of your comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone. From time to time it’s good to step out of your comfort zone. Not only as human-being. But also when it comes to your personal-style. Developing your style… [Read more]

Light-Blue T-shirt

Light-Blue T-shirt. Hello Ladies and Gentleman. How are you? Today I want to share my latest look with you. I’m wearing a light-blue-garment. It’s a oversized garment, but very comfortable to wear. I’ve bought… [Read more]

Summer shirt for men

Summer shirt for men. Hello Guys, Summer is coming soon. I’m already preparing my wardrobe for the warm-days. Because I’m always so excited for summer. Are you excited for summer as well ? Can’t… [Read more]

Casual Summer Look

Casual Summer Look. In the middle of spring I’m already preparing my summer-looks. Because you can’t prepare yourself ┬ánot enough for this season. That’y why I want to share my first-summer-look with you today…. [Read more]

Spring in the Air

Spring in the Air. Hello my lovely readers. How are you? It seems like in Holland the Spring has make there break-trough. I’m very happy with that. We didn’t even had a real spring-period… [Read more]

How I styled Oversized long-sleeve T-shirt

How I styled Oversized long-sleeve T-shirt, today I show you how I styled this oversized-garment. As you might know. I really love to wear this kind of garments. What is your favourite garment to… [Read more]