Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is the type of photography, I truly love. Since I have my first DSRL-Camera I take pictures of people who are photo-genetic.

Photography and Fashion are a great combination.

How are you guys? Today I want to share my first Fashion Photography book with you. I’ve bought this book in January 2017. I’ve saw this book in December 2016 and I was in love with this book right away. In Amsterdam there is book store named: American Book-Store and I saw this book there for the first time. I take a look into this book and right away it stole my heart when I saw the images. These images really stole my heart. I started to love images ¬†and this was a book that really catch my eyes. During my visit to the American Book store I saw a lot of fashion books in this way. But Dior By Avedon was the one I had in my mind right away. From the outside it looks so fashionable and it make’s me excited. So I was curious how was the inside? So I’ve spend some minutes to look in to this book and see all these nice pictures.

Dior By Avedon.

Richard Avedon is one the most historical photographers in Fashion. Everyone who has job in Fashion knows that this photographer was one of the best during this period. He has a huge influence on Dior’s history and also for the French-House: Saint Laurent. This is the kind of Fashion-Photography I really love to see and I hope in the future that I can share more of these kind of books with you guys. I’m very grateful to have this book. From time to time I take a look in this book with a cup of Thea. It always give me smile on my face. Because I get happy from great images like this.

Do I see myself as a photographer in future?

Now I really would like to build my own-portfolio. Last year I did some experiences and it felt very good. Every model told me: you have potential. I was very happy and really boost my confidence. Just because I was not confidence the first couple times. Being busy with a camera is not easy but I feel now that I have some potential. So why not ? I’m not scared anymore and would like to be a photographer in the future.

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