Denim Jacket Season

Denim Jacket Season

Denim Jacket Season. In my latest Blogpost I talked about Leather jackets. But there is another jacket that is essential for Spring/Summer. I’m talking about Denim jackets. It’s a garment that never goes out style. When you a huge fan of denim, you know what I mean. It’s a time-less piece that you can wear in almost every-season of the year. But in my opinion denim stands out the best during Spring/Summer.

Denim Jacket Season

Denim Jacket Season

Denim Jacket Season

Denim Jacket Season

Denim Jacket Season

Denim Jacket season

Denim Jacket Season

Denim Jacket Season.

When you finished your leather-jacket purchase and you thinking: I miss another Spring Jacket in my Spring/Summer Wardrobe. Maybe it’s time to think about a Denim-Jacket. There are a few jackets that you can use for spring: first option is: Leather Jacket, than we got the: Jeans-Jacket. The last option you might think of is the lightweight jacket. Which is also a great-choice. But when you are a fan of jeans and denim. A nice Jeans-Jacket can’t be missed in your Spring/Summer Wardrobe. During Spring/Summer it’s a perfect piece to carry with you. In the early morning it can be a little cold and you feel like: A leather-jacket is maybe to much. Than a Denim-Jacket is maybe a perfect option for you. It’s a light-piece and you can mix it easy with your jeans. Or with other outfits. It’s always a good choice to have two-kind of jackets in your wardrobe for spring. It makes it easier for you to switch from jacket from time to time and give your looks a little fresh touch.

What to wear with a Denim-Jacket.

Now I deiced to use my jeans-jacket in two-ways. In the first-look I decided to wear a stripes t-shirt from the brand:Mango. During this purchase I’ve bought two pair in color red and blue. I talk about stripes-shirts soon in a new blogpost. Further I deiced to mix my stripes t-shirt and jeans-jacket with a light-jeans from:HM. Which makes this look a more causal look if you ask me. To finish this look I deiced to pair it with my white¬†Christian Louboutin kicks. Which are must-have during Spring/Summer don’t you think?

When you see the last pictures I deiced to mix my denim-piece with a dark-blue stripes-t-shirt and some white-denim and some white kicks. So as you can see it’s very easy to mix your denim-piece if you got the right-clothing-pieces in your wardrobe. In the second look I wanted to give my denim-jacket a little less attention than in the first look. White is the basic-colour in this look and that’s exactly what I want. My denim-jacket is a light-version so that means I can mix it easy with other light-pieces from my wardrobe.

Denim-Jackets for men.

When you thinking about to buy a denim-jacket for this Spring/Summer. It might be a good-idea to do some re-search before you spend money on a denim-piece. You have dark-jackets and light jackets. So keep the closet in your mind.There are many jeans-jackets so it’s important to have a little patience and do the right purchase. Spending money is easier than really get money, don’t you think? The Denim-Jacket I’m wearing is from the brand:Replay and I have this one for years in my closet. There was a time during my early twenties that I didn’t want to wear it all. But my mom always saved this jacket for and told me: I would wear in the future again. Now here I am guys. Last Spring/Summer 2018 I’ve already used it. This Spring/Summer I use this garment again and I feel fashionable when I’m wearing it. It’s a garment that you can always use during Spring/summer. That’s why you have to pick the right denim-jacket for the long-term. The one I’m wearing has buttons on both-sides which makes it easy to use as a jacket. I know that: Replay has affordable jeans-jackets.

Where yo buy.

When you planning to buy a denim-jacket, it’s time to do re-search before you spend some money on it. Now a days almost every-brand has a denim-jacket in there collection. So it might be difficult to but the right denim-piece that fits with your personal style. Start with looking at your Spring/Summer Wardrobe and see what fits with your outfits right now. When you know that you going to create more outfits and put more clothes in your Spring/Summer. It’s also smart to think what kind of jeans-jacket should I buy? Maybe you want to buy two-pair ? Maybe you want to spend a lot-of money on it. Or maybe you just want to have one for the short-term.

The first-thing I would ask myself is: Would I wear it next year? or only this Spring/Summer-Season? If the answer is: Yes than maybe:HM has your denim-jacket. When you want to wear it for yeas but you don’t have the big-budget than: Replay and Diesel have quality-jeans-jacket for affordable prize. It’s maybe the perfect investment for the long-term. I always recommend people to think about the long-term and buy-smart and not fast. When you done with your re-search online. It’s a good-idea to go offline and go to your local-shopping-mall and see what kind of jackets they have. What I really liked about going in to the city or shopping-mall. Is that you can touch the clothes and really get your first impression of a garment. That’s not something you can do online.

Try Before you buy.

It might be a good-idea when you got to the stores, to put on your Spring/Summer look already. To see what kind of denim-jacket fits with your outfit. So you already see how it feels and how it fits you. Just take your time and see what kind of denim-jackets fits with your personal-style. The one I’m wearing is just a casual-piece. It’s a classic-denim-jacket that I could wear for many more years. But maybe you want a clean-denim-jacket and make it more personal and put some buttons on it. Buying a Denim-Jacket can be so difficult because for every budget and for every person there is jeans-jacket for sale. So it’s important to try before you buy. When you know that you going to wear it for years, than the quality is more important. But when you know that you only going to wear it this Spring/Summer you only have to think about the fit and the style of the jacket.



Jeans/ HM and Diesel

T-Shirts/ Mango

Sneakers/ Christian Louboutin

Photography/ Koen Stijnen




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