Days in Barcelona

I’ve spend Days in Barcelona last weekend. Last November I was planning my 29’th birthday and I was thinking what to do? My birthday is one week for Christmas and that is hard. Most of my friends are busy that week and are not able to celebrate with me. I can say that it hurt’s me a lot. I still dream to celebrate my birthday with friends who carry the love for me. The support me, motivate me, inspire me. Should I go on? I’ve got now the best friends and I could not live without them. These days I’ve bin missing them very much. When I was in Barcelona I was dreaming to spend a couple of days with them, in Barcelona. That would be great! The main-reason I choose for a trip to Barcelona, was not only to celebrate my Birthday. But al so to reflect my 2016 and I did that to the fullest. I will share it with you guys, as soon as possible.

Days in Barcelona, I could not give myself a better present as this. Finally I was able to fly away and celebrate my birthday in a great city. What so awesome is about a trip that you planned. I was able to count the days. You can really be excited and how closer it comes, the more happier you are. The 16th december of 2016, it was finally time to fly. I packed my weekend bag and a Backpack. More stuff was not necessary for me. So before you planing a trip for a weekend, think what you really need or going to use. I took the train to Schiphol-Aiport and when I arrived it was waiting for my plane to Barcelona. After 2,5 hours of flying, I could see the hills of Barcelona. I was smiling and emotional at the same time. My birthday couldn’t start better as this.

It was Friday-Afternoon that I arrived in Barcelona. I’ve stayed in a three-star hotel, what was very basic. Unfortunately the room was so tiny that I was not able to make pictures of it. The hotel in general was okay, but not really photography friendly if you ask me. After un-packing my suitcase, I knew: They will never see me again in this hotel. Even for my Instagram:Styledbyluc it was not friendly. The next time I going to do more re-search to find a good hotel what is friendly for the camera. I must say that the bathroom was okay. But as I said: not really a photography-friendly hotel That is al so the reason I will not do a review about this hotel.

City Centre.

With Plaza Espanya, Plaza Catalunya, Passeig De Garcia, and La Rambla, I named the city centre. If you coming for the first time in Barcelona, than this will be the places you have to see. It is a very hectic and geodetic place, but you get used to it. I can not imagine a tourism place, where it doesn’t is hectic. La Rambla is that kind of street where people can shop, eat and do others things. It was not my first in Barcelona so for me it was not special anymore. After some walking in Centre, I sleep some hours in my hotel room, before the evening started.

When the night begin’s It was time to visit:CanFuste , as a FC Barcelona fan, I’ve search for a special restaurant. This is a restaurant what has bin visit by Johan Cruyff for example. So I did some re-search and behind the estradiol Camp Nou is this restaurant. I was not able to make pictures, so I can tell you trough pictures. But I can say that is worth the visit. It is a restaurant with very friendly people, I’ve spoke with them for hours. Not only the people are very friendly, the food is great. After the dinner I decided to do a little walk in the City Centre.

El Carmel.

Days in Barcelona is not only to explore the great food or the nice city centre. What you think about the area: El Carmel. This is Area in Barcelona is close to the hills. When I planned my trip to Barcelona. It was one of my goals to get there with my camera. I took the L5 metro to the metro-station EL Carmel. You feel directly that is close to the hills of Barcelona. The main reason I visited this area, because of: Turo de La Rovira. This touristic place, gives you the best view over the city. I’ve spend almost a hour of day dreaming and to think. My first picture in the post has bin shot over there.I was so gratefull and happy standing over there. There are now words for that. Days in Barcelona I wish there where more of these days.








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