Dare to be play with your clothing-style

Dare to be play with your clothing-style has always bin on my mind and in my personal clothing-style as well. With so many fashion-lovers around the globe, I feel like I have to keep it personal.

Why I wear black even during summer.

The are several reasons why I choose to wear black even during summer.

Reason one: Black is one of my favorite colors when it comes to my personal-clothing style.

Number two: The color black fits me good and I feel comfortable in it.

Reason Three: I already used to wear black during summer, I’ve wear this color every summer.

Dare to play with your clothing-style.

Dare to play with your clothing-style I really mean it. Fashion is also to take a risk and dare to be curious about menswear and streetwear as well. Because when you out of inspiration or wearing the same style day by day and time by time, you never know if there is more on the table. Do you get me?

You also don’t know what other clothing-style’s does with your soul, or with your state-of mind. So if you don’t play, your creativity will be at the level where it is now. That’s why it’s always good to look at other people and how they create there own clothing. Just to see if you get inspired to play with that kind of style or make it more personal for your self. I know that it sounds easy to say, But I’m doing this for years now. You should try it to !

How I created this streetwear-look.

Before the summer started, I was preparing myself for the summer and what I would like to wear this summer 2018. I’ve searched on the websites four hours and this t-shirt by:A-Cold-Wall had my attention right away. Dare to be different right? I was searching for a t-shirt which make me stand out of the crowd. Now let’ say that I’ve completed that mission with this clothing-piece. I remember this summer in Paris, people on the streets really said: that is a cool t-shirt ! So I was very grateful for that. But I didn’t wear that often because I live in a small-town and people are not that open-minded here. Further I decided to mix this t-shirt with a short from Nike and some Grey-White Jordans to make it a real streetwear-look. Let me know in a comment what you think about this look.

The patches make this T-shirt.

What funny is about this t-shirt is that the patches really make the t-shirt, I even put them off on one of the pictures as you can see. I’m even able to wear it without the patches. That is really funny about this t-shirt.

So this is it for now, I speak to you later this month.


T-Shirt by / A-Cold-Wall

Short by / Nike

Sneakers by/ Jordan’s

Photography by / Koen Stijnen






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