Daily Look

Daily look for today, how are you guys ? Today I was not in the mood to dress myself very fashionable. Just a Basic jeans with a Black shirt. It was a normal-day for me, so why not?

Daily look.

So this was my outfit for today, I’m wearing a Black-shirt with a basic slim-fit jeans by: Zara. I bought this jeans a couple month’s a go. I’ve bought it online because I’m real big-fan of online-shopping. I’ve finished my look with some nice fancy-shoes to give this daily look a sharp taste. Everything I wear today was bought online. Maybe because I don’t have a girlfriend and to lazy to go out for shopping. I’ve worked in a clothing-store for two month’s but it was not a perfect match. But every experience is a good experienced because you learn more about yourself as human-being.

Most of the times it was just keep the store clean and that’s it. So I was walking around and around thinking about the things I could do if was not working in the clothing-store. It feels like I was in a cave and  I have no way to get out there. I remember a Thursday-evening that I worked in the clothing-store and I really had nothing to do. It was such a long-evening that I couldn’t wait to go out and leave this clothing-store forever. Also a couple days before I received a invite for a great event in Milan Italy. It was a event from Berhska in collaboration with Fedez. This guy is a Italian-pop-star and married with Chiara Ferragni. This lady Chiara Ferragni is one of the biggest influencers on this planet.

So for my blog it was such a great opportunity and it could be my first time in Milan as well. Some people say it is the capital of Fashion.

My new Business Book.

Oh what great book this is. Last weekend I Received my new business-book. I’m always interested in this kind of books, because I’m busy building my own company as well. My Social-Media channels and of course my Blog. But this book really keeps me taking about my story and how I can use these information as a blogger. I’m busy with the chapter two and I will share my opinion and experience about this book when I’m done. One thing is for sure: reading book’s is something I really loved to do.


Tomorrow I will be in Amsterdam.

Yes Tomorrow I will be in Amsterdam to visit a good friend of me and of course I’m going to visit a room that I could rent. So I’m very excited and curious how this will goes. But I’m looking forward to speak with my old-neighbor again, because we went to the same school in our early twenties. We also share the same passion: Fashion. So there is enough to talk about. Further it’s almost 3-hours traveling-time and that is always something special because you see so much from the country.

For now I say: Have a Great day and do I speak with you Tomorrow?

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