Coat Season has Arrived

Coat Season has Arrived. This means we need a good coat, when we go outside. That’s why I bought myself a new coat. Because a good and warm jacket is my best friend during the winter-season.

Coat Season has arrived, but always to early right?

I’m not really a winter-kid, but in my childhood It was more fun than now a days. But the winter-season has his own beauty right? We can stay warm inside and playing board-games with friends or family. So winter-season can be fun. But for now let’s talk about my latest purchase. I love to share my new winter-coat with you guys.

What kind of Coat?

The last couple of years I’ve walked in two kind of coats. First one was my green bomber jacket, what fits with a more sportive look. The other one I was wearing, was a classic-grey long-coat. This coat fits better during a classic-look or business-look. This winter-season it was time for a new winter-jacket, but the big question was: what kind of jacket? I mentioned that during this fall/winter, you have so many choices ! Damn, during my weekly window-shopping, I saw so many options what fits with my personal-style.

It feels like every new year, it is harder to choose, thanks to all the online-retailers that give’s you to many options right?. But personally I have a short-list of online-retailers that I really admire. Beside’s that I don’t make it myself to hard. The Online retailers I admire are : matches fashion, farfetch, mrporter,luisa via Roma . But I al so look to the cheaper retailers like: Asos for example.

So let me answer your question for the big issue we have, during the winter-season. What kind of coat we could wear? I decided to buy a more classic-coat, with some shearling details. I’ve search at zalando a few weeks a go, and a shearling-coat was on my mind, because my old-jacket was not good anymore. I was searching for a warmer piece, what keeps me warm during the cold-days. Coats with shearling in it, are the best ones, if you ask me. Because shearling material is very warm and that is what you want right?

Coat, leather-jacket, bomber jacket?

There are three kind of options, but maybe you are looking for all the three options. In my wardrobe you find three options. The coat, leather-jacket and bomber jacket. The leather jacket is a good option when you don’t like to wear a very long jacket, and love to wear a more sportive look. Option three is the bomber jacket what fits with a street-wear look. But if you like to break the rules, just do it ! Personally I love to play with clothes and outfits as well. I al so want to advise that re-search and patient can be a key-role during your purchase for a winter-coat. Because maybe you want to wear it for het next couple of years. If that is the case than is a little bit more quality not a luxury. Just because you will enjoy your winter-jacket now and in the next years.

Where to buy?

As I mentioned before there are so many options for a good winter-jacket, online and offline. That I’m not share them all with you. But I just want to share my personal addresses with you, just to give you new ideas and suggestion. I’ve bought my winter-coat at:Zalando and it’s from the German label: Kiomi ,what I really like about this jacket, it fits with my wardrobe at the moment. Because I have more casual clothes than, streetwear in my closet right now. When you really have the budget to invest in good winter-coats, you should take a look at: MrPorter the have a lot of high-end fashion brands where you will find your masterpiece. I hope you will find your winter-jacket, and speak to you soon !

Coat by/ Kiomi

Photography by/ Tamara Rubia

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