Cities I would like to visit part one: Milan

Cities I would like to visit part one: Milan. In Cities I would like to visit, I want to talk with you about Cities that are on my bucket-list. Hey Guys how are you? This morning I had a meeting with a photographer and we discussed our first photoshoot. It was not a long conversation, but very good conversation because we talked about poses and other bloggers. So it was quite interesting. Further I’ve listened to a podcast about Karl Lagerfeld who died yesterday at age of 85. This was a shock for the world.

Places I would like to visit part one: Milan

So today I would like to talk with you about places I would like to visit. Let me tell you that: since I started with my blog I’ve bin invited two times for a event in Milan. Both Events where events I still dream about it. The first time I received a invite was in April 2016 for Milan Design week. I couldn’t believe it and for me it was a sign, that what I’m doing is not wrong. unfortunately I was not able to accept the invite, because of my part-time job at that moment. But like I said: it was only a good sign that I’m on the right way. The second-time I had a invite to be in Milan was for a fashion-Event in November 2017, unfortunately I couldn’t fine a cheap air-lineticket because it was two days before the event, that I received the invitation.

Why Milan?

Because I’m a huge fashion-lover, I have to visit Milan because it’s one of the big fashion-capitals in the world. So my plan is to visit MFW in June 2019. At the moment I’m already planning it to the fullest, from shoes to spots where I can get my cappuccino. Further I’m about to network my ass off. Because in fashion a network is very important. Thank god that there is now: Instagram what makes is more easier to connect with people from the fashion-industry.

By The way: one last thing, I want to talk with you about is:

At the moment I post 3-times a week, but the fact: I love writing so much, I’m considering to upload on a daily-basis? Are you agree with that? Would you like to see more posts ? And would you like to see more travel post or fashion related? Just let me know in a comment.


Hugs Luc.


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