Casual Summer Men’s outfit

Casual summer mens outfit

Casual Summer men’s outfit. Hello Guys, how are you? I’m doing great. Summer is great because I can enjoy the sun and do activities outside! Furthermore,  I started to go back running again. Getting back in shape is one of my personal goals for this year 2019. During the morning I take on my running shoes and make a good start of the day. I also started to be more active on my facebook page: Styled by Luc, to use this platform and his potential. Furthermore I’m happy that the soccer-season has made his kick-off, so during the weekends you can find me on the couch watching some good-soccer-games. But’ let’s talk about this casual summer men’s outfit, and the location shall we? I’m really excited to tell you everything about it. Because wearing a short-jeans since a long time felt very good. Last-summer 2018 I didn’t wear a denim-short so it was the right time to wear it again.

Casual summer men's outfit

Casual summer Men's outfit

Casual summer Men's outfit

Balr X Product Red

Portrait image

Streetstyle outfit

Details about the Red Tee

White sneakers

Men’s summer look.

Wearing a Casual summer Men’s look makes me feel fashionable Again. When I received my new denim-short from:Levi I decided to combine this with my red Tee from the brand: Balr to complete this look I used my white Jordan sneakers. In my opinion, this is a typical casual men’s outfit. What do you think guys? Let me know in a comment. Love to hear from you. What I love about this outfit is that you can wear it the whole day during summer. It’s a fashionable look, and with a denim-short, you can never go wrong in the summer. I talk about the denim-short later, because it’s essential in a summer-wardrobe. The main-reason I wearing a red-tee is that this my skin really a boost. When I’m wearing other colours like black and grey my skin doesn’t get that boost I need. To completed this outfit I used my beloved white Jordan’s. These sneakers are a perfect match with my outfit. I’m so glad that I bought these Jordan’s last summer 2018. Nowadays I really enjoy them.

Casual Denim-short.

As I look to my denim-short purchases I’ve always known that this belongs in a men’s wardrobe. But last summer 2018 I didn’t have any denim-short in my closet. I was a little bit sick and tired of wearing them. But I also didn’t have any item to mixed it with. But this summer 2019 I had it all prepared. Because I wanted to do an investment in my summer-closet. Wearing a Levi’s denim-short is the perfect denim-short for the long-term. This brand is know by its high-quality denim and I don’t have any regrets of this purchase. It’s the type of denim short you can mix with your summer-shirts or tee’s if you want. Further more the one I’m wearing fits very tight and that’s something I personally love about this denim-short. But if you don’t prefer to wear tight-denim-shorts. You also can choose to go for more comfortable and less tight denim-short. With this denim-short I can go for more: classic look to mixed it with a nice summer-shirt and some loafers. But as you can see on the pictures I also can combine this denim-short with a Tee and some white sneakers.

Balr X Product Red.

As you can see on the pictures I’m wearing a Red Tee from Balr. This Balr Tee is a partnership between Balr and Product Red. These two companies have done a partnership to fight against HIV and Aids. Twenty-five per cent of the purchases goes to medication for the fight against HIV and Aids. So it’s a Tee with a special message as well. I have this Tee for many years now since it was available. The one I’m wearing is a size: Small and fits tighter. But lucky enough I have the body to wearing small sizes as well.

I wear it every summer and can’t get enough of it. So for me, this Tee has a special place in my wardrobe. What I really like to know is if you would wear Red as well during the summer-time? Or do you also wear it during other-seasons trough out the year?

I’m wondering if you would buy this kind of Tee’s as well? Would you support this message as well? To get Aids and HIV out of this world? I truly believe that with this Tee I help to get this world a little bit healthier and people pay attention to it.

The watch.

I’ve used my sportive watch from:Festina to give this outfit the sportive-touch. Most the time I’m wearing this watch when I have sportive look or a casual look I have on the pictures. It’s a watch that I have for years now and still happy with it. What I love about this watch is that I also can mix it with a classy-look if I want too. So this watch gives me two-options and that makes it more fun. The battery of the watch is also very good. Once a year I have to put new batteries in it. So it’s very good and quality-watch.


The shoot-location for this outfit is the beautiful Train-station of Liege. It’s a train-station that has his opening back in September 2009. It’s an amazing train-station and really a perfect place to shoot pictures or to use it for your own blog or whatever you have. Liege is small-city in Belgium not far away from the dutch-boarder. My photographer:Koen Stijnen and I decided to shoot this outfit around the train station. I really like how my outfit matches the red-car and the area around the train station. Red and white is the perfect combination don’t you think? Me and my photographer spoke about this location earlier this year. But two weeks ago we were finally able to use this location to shoot some content. They white roof-top matched perfectly with my red-tee and my denim-short fits perfect with the grey-stairs.

So guys, I’m looking forward to your reactions and we speak each-other soon.


Tee / Balr

Denim-short/ Levi’s

Sneakers/ Jordan

Photographed/ Koen Stijnen













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  1. The photos were amazing man! Enjoyed the post thoroughly man!. I’ve been getting back into running a lot lately as well! So I definitely can relate to wanting to stay in shape.

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