Casual Chique

Casual Chique, is my favourite look at the moment. I’m so happy to share it with you today. How you guys doing today? What are your plans this weekend? I’m going to visit a friend.

Chique is Fashionable.

Chique is fashionable if you ask me. Today I want to share this look with you because I feel so happy to share this casual chique look. I can’t describe how I feel at the moment and when I was wearing this. It’s amazing so wear this. Look good and feel good that’s the key. But wearing this, I feel like I’m able to handle everything. I feel strong and confident at the same time, almost feels like a new human. It’s a feeling that I didn’t feel like a long time. But When I was creating this look, I was so happy. I’m not wearing this only cause It makes me feel good. Also because I can express myself and I’m a really a person that needs to express his self. So to be busy with Clothes really give’s me the opportunity to show people who I am. Further I’m very curious what you think about my outfit?


Today I also want to share some other issue’s with you. I’ve always have a little bit of doubts about being ”open” on internet/blog/social media. I’ve always asked myself: how open I want to be on internet? What should I share? What does it means? I still have doubts about it. Some people say to me: Don’t give a shit. Other people say it’s good to be open and to express yourself. I know by my self that some people have a very personal blog where they talk about there personal issue’s and I really have respect for that. Because when you go that open, there always will be people that criticise you and how you act on the internet. I’m still a little bit sensitive for others people opinion and I still can really handle it.

Should I give a F*Ck?

I know I should not give a F&CK about others people opinion, But like I said before: I’m a little bit sensitive for it. But I also a person that can be stubbornly most of the time. Maybe I’m still in a learning process? I’m going to think about it this weekend and I will let you know in my next blog what kind of decisions I made. For now I say: Happy weekend and if you have Halloween plan’s ┬ájust enjoy!


Blazer /We Fashion

Shirt / WeFashion

Belt / Louis Vuitton

Jeans / Acne Studios

Boots /Zara

Photography / Myself


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