Canali Black Edition event

Canali Event

Canali Black Edition event Hello Guys, how are you? Today I want to share a little throwback from my canali-event, during Milan Fashion Week last June. It was the highlight of my Milan fashion week. But first, let me tell you that I’m super excited to show you my leather jacket and new portrait-lens that I received yesterday. During the weekend I’ve ordered a new leather-jacket because my previous leather-jacket was worn-out. As I mentioned in my previous Blogposts this leather jacket is a collaboration between:HM_men and Men with Streetstyle. Yesterday I’ve ordered also their white-basic tee’s that I’m going to show you soon in an outfit post. So Stay tuned for that. Yesterday I’ve uploaded a new video on my youtube channel, and here is de: Link. I’ve also uploaded on my IGTV channel. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I want to welcome you Here.

Since May 2019 I’m a contributor for:Whyttmagazine and I’m super grateful for this opportunity. I want to improve my writing skills and this is the perfect place, to learn and to grow. So this week I work on an article and I’ve started yesterday. I have to do an interview with a young-designer and it was quite hard, because it was my first time. But I’m super excited about the result. Can’t wait to read it myself.


Canali Black Edition event

So Guys, never ever in my wildest dreams as a blogger, I would get a chance to be at an event from a famous Italian-brand. But I’m happy and grateful to share this experience with you guys. The Canali-black-edition event was the highlight of my trip to Milan-Fashion week. Before I headed to Milan I’ve made contact with an Instagram/influencer and his name is:Kelvin Ortiz we chat trough dm on Instagram and exchanged phone numbers. We have meet each other on this Canali black event, because he had two-invites and he asked me if I would come along. Ofourse I want to attend this event and it was such a pleasure. Meeting everyone from the Canali-PR-Team and we event had to change to take a picture with a big blogger called:Blake Scott he was so kind and we had a little chat with each other. It was and his one of my highlights as a blogger and always will be.

For Canali, this event was important to show their latest SS20 Collection to a younger audience. Instead of their main-adience.  The goal for this collection was to target a younger audience, than their traditional audience. Canali is an Italian-brand with clients from the age of 35 to 60. With this new collection, Canali wants to attract a younger-age to wear this brand. If you want to see their latest SS20 Collection than here is the link:Canali

Canali Black Edition Event

So, For now, I say: speak to each other Friday.

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Styled by Luc

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