Being a Bof-Member

Being a Bof-Member is really a cool thing, you know why? Because you stay updated about the fashion-industry in every single way.

Why I wanted to be a Bof-Member?

Since my interest in fashion was growing, I started to think about the other-side of Fashion. I was asking my self: How can a brand like: Dior or Prada make so much money? What is philosophy behind a brand? How is there marketing strategy ? Al those questions? So as Bof-Member, I have the possibility to get more knowledge about the business-side of a Brand. It was back in 2014, I think, that I started to read The Business of Fashion online. I started to read articles that had my attention. After my first visit, it became a daily routine in the early morning. It’s one of the first news that I read on my iPhone. The Business of Fashion was not that big, as it is now a days., but I tell you more about that later on.

The main-reason I wanted become a Bof-Member was, to get more knowledge about the Fashion-Industry in general. Further it gives me a really good feeling, because I can read something I truly love! What is a better feeling?

How you can be a Bof-Member.

Do I make you more curious? Do you al so want be member of a global-community? Let me tell you how you can be a Bof-Member.

First of all, The Business of Fashion is not for free anymore. Since the Autumn 2016, people can not read the full-article’s anymore. If you want to read everything on Business of Fashion website, you have to become a Bof-Member like me. There are two packages to choose. The first package called: Bof Professional Monthly, it cost: 18,00 Euro’s/Dollars. You will get acces to unlimited articles, Professional-only briefings, iphone-app. Now the other package, is the one I have myself.

Bof-Professional Pay annually it cost, 13,50 euro’s each month.

That is 25% less than the first package. You will pay 162,00 in the first year, and after that you will pay 216,00. For that prize you get: Unlimited access to articles, professional-briefing every week. Exclusive iPhone-app.Plus exclusive networking-events, where you can meet other Bof-Members as well. Plus you will receive the The Business of Fashion Print issue. For more information you can visit there website: Business of Fashion

My personal experience with the App and website is good so far, as a Fashion-Lover I can imagine to live without the app and there website. I hope to read it until I no longer able to read.





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