Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga. Today I’m sharing a outfit that I was wearing last summer 2018. It was my first photoshoot with Koen Stijnen. It was quite exciting because working with a new-photographer is never easy. You don’t know each other very good. But I must say after the photoshoot I was incredibly happy because during the photoshoot. I noticed that Koen is a photographer with experience. He helped me a lot if with poses and was making me feel comfortable.

The results are fantastic don’t you think? Before I met Koen I had a lot of problems searching for the right-photographer. Because you want to have someone who understands what you want. How you want to have the pictures and understands your vision right? Further more you want to have high-quality images that reflects your vision. Like I mentioned earlier. The first-time with Koen Stijnen was such a good-experience. That we are now already working together for a year. Time goes so fast don’t you think?

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga

Blue Balenciaga.

Wearing a Blue Balenciaga Tee, was my first experience with this brand from France. First I only knew about this brand from there low-top sneakers. But when you follow the fashion-industry for a while. You know that Balenciaga is a hot-brand at the moment. Last 2018 it was together with Gucci. On of the most popular high-end fashion brands. Since Demna Gvasalia took over Balenciaga he turned this house in a fashion brand that has now major sales around the globe. They’re collections ¬†goes out the stores like it’s nothing. And what to think about there triple-S sneakers. I also like there new technical-sneakers from there SS19 collection. They are available in several colours, but I like the yellow version the most.

Almost everyone in fashion has a couple pair of them in there closet. When I was searching for a nice designer-tee last spring. I was thinking about two brands in particular: Balenciaga and Gucci. I choose for Balenciaga, because I didn’t had experience with this brand. Discovering new brands is always exciting and fun and brings more knowledge and experience to your personal-style. Further more wearing the same brands over and over again can be boring in the long-term.

I wanted to have a piece for less-prize than online-retail prizes. High-End fashion is expensive. Thankgod I’ve found a Tee for a good prize. This Balenciaga-Tee is from the: SS17 collection and made from: Cotton. This colour Blue is something what fits me very good. Blue brings more colour in my skin.¬†After I bought this Tee. I was happy because I not only had a Blue Balenciaga Tee. I finally could experience a brand that I never wore before. The first-time I was wearing it. I immediately feel that it was a oversized tee which I love to wear so much from time to time. Further more I also was wearing something that is trending and for a good-prize. Although this is a vintage-piece. It was in a such a good-condition, you almost have the feeling you wear something brand-new.

How to wear.

How to wear a Blue Balenciaga Tee? Finding the right-size was not a easy-job for me. But after a couple of hours searching for the right-size. Finally I found the right-size. So I didn’t think twice about this purchase. Now Let’s talk about how to wear this amazing-tee.

Now I decided to wear my Blue-Balenciaga Tee with a Black-short from:Adidas that I’ve bought on:Farfetch for a sale-prize. Black and Blue are a good combination right? What I love about this black-short from Adidas. It has zippers on both-sides so you can put your keys, phone, or anything else in both-sides. Very handy when you don’t carry a bag with you. To complete this look I decided to use my white-sneakers from:Jordan in low-top version. I’ve bought two-pair of low-top Jordan last summer. A good investment for the longer-term. During summer you can’t have enough sneakers don’t you think? With a couple pair of sneakers you give your outfits more options.

White-version and a grey/black-version. I wanted to have three-different-colours in a outfit and I just did that. Blue-Black-White. Wearing a more sportive short makes this a more urban-streetwear look. This was my mission and with a oversized Balenciaga-tee I want to make this stand-out from the rest of this outfit. If you are not fan of sportive shorts from: Nike or Adidas. You also can wear this with a black-denim-short for example. So you still have a Blue-Black combination. If you are not a fan of wearing black. You have the option to wear Blue Balenciaga Tee with a white-short and white sneakers for example. What you also can do is wearing it with a light-trouser instead of wearing with a short. Style is personal-right? During that day it was so hot that I couldn’t wear it with a trouser. But when there are summer-days that are less hot. You could wear this with a light-trouser for example. Make sure you keep the trouser-basic. So your Tee still get’s the attention that you want.

The Venue.

Because I’m wearing a streetwear look this basketball-court was the perfect location for the outfit. Using these white- lines was something that my photographer suggested and that was really cool. These white- lines on the court fits perfect with my street-wear outfit. So that was one of the reasons we used it. Specially the white-lines and in combination with the sneakers makes this so cool. What do you think?

Unfortunately we didn’t had a real basketball. What I think was a fun-tool to use by this outfit.

But I must say that they results where fantastic. It was my first-experience with:Koen Stijnen and after shooting this outfit. I was super-happy because the images where fantastic. Lucky enough I live at a place where I can shoot pictures in the city, out-side the city. Or even in the nature If want too. This means I can develop my creative and visual-level as well. I must say: after working with Koen for one-year. My creativity and visual-level developed a lot. So this gives me so much energy. I can’t wait to share more beautiful images with you.

Wear to buy?

When you want a designer-tee like I’m wearing. Let’s take Balenciaga-Tee for example. Because of the popularity of the brand. It was quite difficult to find the right-tee for the right-prize. Everybody his hunting for the trend-garment to stand out of the crowd.

When you have the budget it’s not that difficult. You just go to there website:Balenciaga and purchase. Other online retailers like: MrPorter and Matches Fashion have a great-line of Balenciaga to offer. What I highly-recommend, when you planning to wear a similar tee like I’m wearing. Is to wait for the sale and buy it with discount. Paying the full-prize is not always necessary. Specially when you know that a high-end T-shirt is around 350 euro’s/dollars. Not quite cheap right? When you miss the boat of the sale. You still don’t have to worry. I was missing the boat too. But lucky enough we have place called: E-bay. This is not something I highly recommend. But when you buy from the right-person. You don’t have to worry about the quality or your budget. Make sure you have a good-conversation with the person. You can ask the following: where did he buy it? Does he still has the bill? are the pictures of the tee in good-quality?

All these question are helpful when you planning to buy a high-end tee from a vintage place. I’ve bought from a lady who still had the bill. It was getting a brand-new Tee. The condition was great and It was good purchase. Although I put it away by the end of the summer in 2018.


T-Shirt/ Balenciaga

Short/ Adidas

Sneakers/ Jordan

Photography/ Koen Stijnen

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