Black outfit for men

Everything black

Black Outfit for men. Happy Friday Guys, if you following me for a while than you know, this is by far my favourite day of the week. That’s why I want to share this black outfit for men with you. This week was not really special. But the Family-day last Wednesday was very good and I was happy to see my brother before he goes on vacation. Today I’m about to work on my social-media channels and tonight I’m going to watch my favourite serie 🙂 called: Flikken Maastricht. I live near this city, so I have heart for the city. Most of the pictures are taken in this beautiful city. But now let’s talk about the outfit 🙂 .

Black jeans

Black Blazer

Great Sweater

Black Look

All Black

Strike a pose in Black

White kicks

This is one of my favourite outfits.

Hey Guys, I’m so excited to tell you everything about this look. This is inspired by the one and only: Jay-Z . I saw him performing in this kind of clothes during one of his concerts. And I thought: this is something I want to wear myself 🙂 So I bought a black jeans from:Zara and I bought this vintage: Givenchy sweater. I know Jay-Z was wearing this kind of clothing-piece but than in a t-shirt-version. Which looks very cool don’t you think?

During the shooting-day with Quincy Housen I felt very strong and comfortable as well. We shoot these pictures in a small-street in the middle of the city centre of Maastricht. In my opinion this is the perfect location for this outfit. What I really like about this is outfit, it has something classy and urban at the same time. Are you agree with that? So that was really something what I really liked about this look. To make the look a little bit personal. I decided to use my:Nike AirForce one sneakers to complete this amazing outfit.

I hope you are looking forward to the weekend,  do I speak with you tomorrow?

Hugs, Luc


Blazer /Zara.

Sweater /Givenchy

Jeans /Zara

Sneakers /Nike

Photography /Quincy Housen









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