Beanie Season

Beanie Season is still in Holland and I can’t wait till it’s Spring/Spring Summer. Just because I’m not a winter-person . But A Beanie keeps my ears warm when I’m outside.

It was quite hectic week for me.

Hey Guys, I’m more than Happy that I can talk with you on this Friday. Just because I want to talk with you every Friday. I hope to continue this rhythm. But Can’t give you that 100% garanties. Thank god one of my good friends helped with my pictures. I know from other bloggers that it’s not always possible to have a photographer right-away. While I’m writing this for you, I choose to work from outside, near a train-station. I’m about to catch a train later today.

Beanie by Balr.

A few week’s a go I was at Balr Event for there latest collaboration with Mini-Amsterdam. I’ve won this event trough instagram and was super Happy. I’ve bin a fan of the brand since 2013. This Life-style brand fits perfect with my way of thinking. After a good -night, all visitors received a Balr goodie-bag. There was a lot of cool-stuff in this goodie bag. During my trip to Amsterdam I’ve lost my other Beanie from Vogue. Sometimes I can be a little bit messy. Thank god there was a Beanie in this goodie-bag al so. Because I was without a cool Beanie at that moment. Now back to my latest winter-essential. This Beanie is made from 37% nylon. 30% Viscose 20% Acryl 10% Wool and 3% cashmere. But it’s a very nice and comfortable item and Grey is one of my favorite colors. So for me this stays in my winter-wardrobe.

Beanies for the winter can be hard to find.

With so much option’s now a days it can be hard to find a good one. Sometimes your beanie fits not with your outfit right? I remember last year that I had only one of them. So when I was wearing a casual outfit I couldn’t wear it with my urban looks. So what I’ve learned from that. You need at least two kind of beanies in your closet. One for a more urban-looks and the other one for casual or classic look. Beside’s that you al so have different kind of materials. For example: you have a cashmere-beanie or a wool-beanie. Cashmere Beanies are more expensive than wool. Just try the two materials to experiences what you like the most.


Beanie / Balr

Photography / Mr.Vrijhoeven

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