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Back to Business, Back to focus. How was your holiday-season guys ? I’ve spend quality-time with family and it was good. Just normal days during that time of the year.

Back to Business Back to focus.

Last December 2018 it was time to think about my last year and to think about the up-coming year 2019. The Holiday-season is for me always a good time to do some reflection. How was my 2018 ? Well it started not that good, but at the and it was all good. One of the goals that I had last year 2018 was to read a book every month and I did it with a lot of joy and consistency.

Last year I’ve also achieved some new collaborations and it was not even a goal for me! With my blog I had four goals: Quality, Consistency, promotion, Growth. Well I can say that in 2018 I set some kind of frame work. For my blog and instagram-page. I’ve found a good-photographer and my Instagram-page is in good hands right now.Even the engagement is not how I want, but we keep working on that. So when it comes to business it was not a bad-year for me. When you recieved some potential-clients, you know: I’m on the right track. I also have a guest-writer since the summer of 2018 and I’m so grateful for that. You know: team work make dream work. So I want to thank Peter Minkhoff for all his great work last year 2018.

Goals for this year personal & Business.

Let’s start with my personal-goals for this year 2019.

The first one is: Move away, I want to live in a Big-city where I get more to life. Can’t tell you where it will be, but I hope to speak with you about it as soon as possible.

The second one is: Back in Shape ! I’ve always bin a guy who love’s to do sport and keep in shape. But the last few years I didn’t had the real-motivation to go back in the gym or any other sport. I still keep attention to my food and that’s why I still don’t have a big-belly. But my condition is not how it was back in the days.

The third one is: To change a little bit my personal-clothing-style. I want to dress myself a little bit more fashionable I guess? I can’t exactly explain or describe it. But I want to play more with my clothing-style and try to mix things a little bit more.

The fourth one is :Keep reading books, like I mentioned earlier in this blogpost, reading before go to bed make’s the sleep-hours better and I’ve always bin some kind of book-nerd.

The Fith one is: To save money for the future.

My Business goals are the following:






Milan Fashion week.

These are the goals for this business-year and I hope to achieve all of them. We keep on motivated, dedicated, focus and whatever it takes to achieved them.

Let me introduce you to: AnimalEyeLondon

Last November 2018, I’ve received a message from this brand, if I was interested to be in there team. I couldn’t believe my eyes, because it always feels special. Specially when you are still in a growth-period. So after a night of good-sleep. I said: Yes and here are we now ! It’s a young-brand with amazing pieces! I’ve already bought two-pieces and the shopping-experience is amazing. You can use your creditcard or PayPal amount and purchase them very easy. There mindset is to provide great style with no limits! and I think the did it the right way, you should check there Instagram-page as well.

Further the have caps, and sweaters for everyone who loves to wear hoodies or sweaters. If you planning to buy some pieces of:AnimalEyeLondon I can share a discount code for you, which is the following: Style10

If you use this code, you received discount on your order ! So I hope you are excited about the clothes like I am.

So for now I say: Happy weekend and speak to you later this month.


Hoodie /Animaleyelondon

Jeans /Forever21

Boots /Timberland

Photography / Koen Stijnen









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