About Me

Luc Herbergs is the editor, and founder of www.styledbyluc.com the fashion and travel blog. A destination where you can find style-tips, and tricks to dress yourself better. Further more Luc Herbergs shares his interest in other cultures trough travel. He also shares why travel is such a great way to learn new countries. Understanding that the world is bigger than your own area and there are other-ways to live your life.

Luc Herbergs has born and raised in the South of the Netherlands. He grew up with soccer & friends . In his free-time Luc loves to watch football-games or hang-out with friends.

From the age of 14 he started to reading books and writing about everything in his life. You see that writing and reading has always been something he liked to do.

After his internship at internet-company. During his marketing & communication education. He fell in love with internet, social-media, photography. In this time of his internship he started his soccer-blog: http://l4ngsdelijn.blogspot.com and writing for a other soccer-blog. During that time he was discovering the world of blogging and how enjoyable it could be.

Fashion has always played a role in his life. He was interested in clothes at a young-age. This interest was growing when he was getting older. From the age of 14 he started to dress his self properly. At college people where surprised by his outfits. Sometimes people asked: what are you wearing? Sometimes people give him credits for the way he dressed his-self.

Thanks to the internet. He discovered that -fashion blogging was a great way to share his passion for fashion. On September 29th 2014. He started his own Fashion-travel blog :www.styledbyluc.com. He choose this name because of the simplicity and to keep it personal. Further more he wanted to make the name more fashionable.

Back in 2016 he was in invited for Milan-design-week for the first-time.

Now a days Luc Herbergs is also a passioned contributor for:Whyttmagazine.

Luc Herbergs is currently based in The south of the Netherlands.

Luc Herbergs