A New Years Eve look

A New Years Eve look, we have to dress at our best right? It’s that special-day once in a year. We celebrate the year that we leave behind us, but also we celebrate a new year. Today I show you, what I wear on new-years eve.

A New Years eve look.

A new years eve look, can be difficult if you get so many suggestions from people around you. I think that there is no code or dress-code for this evening. In the history of menswear, you see that men always wearing a black tuxedo like I do. It seems like a tradition in the mens-wear world. If a go back to my own experiences, I’ve seen a lot of different looks, from casual to urban, to formal, and of course the black-tuxedo outfit as well. One thing is for sure, most of the people in general, paying more attention to there outfit on the last day of the year. I would like to see that during the year, but I think that is more wishful thinking. On the last day of the year it seems more important for people, and that’s really a fun thing. I wonder why people always do that? For me personally: I don’t do extra preparations for my outfit on that day. There where new years eve nights that I stayed at home, in my pyama, like three years a go. At that day I was not in a very good mood, what I can remember.

A classic look.

Wearing a Black-tuxedo look, on this day sounds a little bit boring? Or you like just as much like I do? I’ve bought this outfit last summer 2017. One of the reasons why I bought this, was that I had a party where this dress-code was required. So I had no choice than searching for this kind of clothes. So I’ve opened my laptop and search for the black-tuxedo suit. I’ve found one on:wefashion¬†and it was the perfect match between me and this black suit. Further I didn’t look to others looks, because I was in a hurry for a suit, because of the occasion, and I really was in love with this one.

This look makes me feel sharp and confident.

I don’t know how you guys feel, when you wearing a black-suit? But I feel sharp and confident at the same time. The combination of black and white, makes feel sharp. To make this look complete I decided to combine the look with some black-lace up shoes. What really fits with black-tuxedo right? Beside’s that I don’t think that brown shoes will fits with this outfit anyways. When it comes to that special night once in e year, you want to be sharp because of the many hours you spend with your loved-ones. Further being confident helps during the night, because of the firework you maybe use that night.

What you can wear that night.

First of all, I hope you can spend that special day, with friends or family or anyone else. Because it’s all about having a good time and create more memories. But still I would like to share my tips and give you inspiration for this last day of the year. Make sure that your shirt is on point, because maybe you don’t wearing a blazer at the end of that night. So that is something what is really important. Further is a extra pair of white sneakers not a luxury. Specially if you planning to sleep somewhere else than your own bed. The next morning its very comfortable to wear sneakers. So this is what I wanted to say to you guys. I speak to you in 2018, let’s do this !


Total Look by /WeFashion

Shoes by / Manfield

Photography by Mr. Vrijhoeven

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