5 Summer Pieces Every Man’s Wardrobe Needs

summer pieces

The days in which only women were concerned with how they present themselves and how well they’re put together are a thing of the past. Men have become equally fashion conscious, not to mention savvy, in the style department, but as with everything in life, a little more knowledge on fashion and style never hurt no one.

You may already have a very clear vision of what your personal style is, or are on a journey of discovering and establishing it. However, there are certain style items that are universal and that every man, regardless of his personal preferences simply has to own this summer; the pieces that perfectly blend into whatever situation you’ve got going on in your wardrobe. So, let’s see what they are, shall we? You know the saying – you snooze, you lose, so don’t leave your wardrobe deprived of these items.

One tee to rule them all

Let’s call a spade a spade. You might have so many T-shirts that you’ve probably lost count as to exactly how many. However, if you don’t own a great, simple white tee, your closet and your style are definitely missing out. A white shirt always looks polished, even though in essence T-shirts are casual. When it’s made out of quality fabric – preferably organic cotton, not only does it look great but it feels great too, especially during those scorching hot summer days during which this little clothing item repels heat. It can be worn with jeans, shorts or even to work, provided you pair it with a cool denim shirt. It’s a complete chameleon that blends well with everything and therefore must be owned. Just in case one of them ends up on the laundry day pile, make sure you have at least one backup.

Speak of the devil

Summer days can are great, but the heat can sometimes be simply too much and the thought of spending an entire day in jeans makes you dread the day. Women have it easy with their skirts and summer dresses, but men’s choices are quite limited. Still, salvation in terms of both style and comfort can be found in a tailor-fit pair of chinos in that wonderfully flattering stripy pattern that makes every man look sharp. This type of chinos is actually so dapper that you can easily wear them to a pool or even an evening party, and if you style it right, you might even be able to pull it off when attending more formal events such as semi-casual weddings.

In the spirit of the ruling trend

Athleisure is a trend that was born out of necessity. People needed to be out and about, juggling several obligations in a short time span, and they needed the clothes and footwear that would allow them to make the transition from the formal to the casual to sports-involved parts of the day without having to change. This is precisely why renowned sportswear brands such as Nike made it their mission to up their game and cater to these new needs, and now you can find a plethora of sleek yet practical white sneakers that will satisfy every style persona and follow you faithfully wherever you go. P.S. They would pair with those chinos and the white tee for the ultimate sharp yet casual summer look.

Add a little trendiness

Every man who as at least a tad fashion-savvy can pick out a simple white oxford shirt for more formal days, so we won’t even bother with this item – if you don’t have it, get it. You’ll immediately realise just how much you need it. However, what a lot of men don’t know is that Hawaiian shirts are totally back in style, and have been one of the most dominant items in menswear collections. A little club Tropicana vibes never hurt nobody either, but if florals and palm tree leaves aren’t exactly your thing, you can always add a touch of those summer vibes with a striped Cuban collar shirt.

For a touch of formality

When you want to look your most handsome and polished self, whether for work purposes, a romantic date or a super-formal event, unfortunately, those tailored chinos simply won’t cut it, so you will need to take a longer route, literally.

Since it’s still barely breathable outside, your best possible chance to be comfortable and look handsome, too, lies in a cool linen suit. When it comes to color, grey is the way to go – it looks the most luxurious and for one reason or another, grey makes every man look irresistible, so keep that in mind as well. You can wear them with white sneakers, loafers, smart blazers or white shirts with rolled up sleeves – the options are endless.

Finally, don’t forget that perfect pair of sunglasses. Squinting isn’t really healthy or attractive, and in this heat, it’s the only piece of accessory that actually helps fend off the heat as opposed to adding to it. Now, go and shop for the ‘missing links’, and conquer the summer looking more handsome than ever.

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