5 Amazing Cities That Will Make You Culturally Rich

amazing cities

For decades, or even centuries, certain destinations have stood apart for their incredible cultural and historic heritage that has been an attraction for travelers from all corners of the globe. Whether it’s a city’s majestic art scene, breathtaking architecture, authentic cuisines, age-old customs or simply warm hospitality, all of these compelling aspects make up the character and the soul of a certain destination, making it the ideal place to enrich your cultural experiences. Here are some amazing culturally rich cities you need to visit if you want to feel the pull of ancient culture and history:

Paris, France

An epitome of love, romance and modern art, Paris is one of the most beautiful and the most culturally rich cities in the world. This place offers both visitors and locals a splendid miscellany of arts and culture, breathtaking sights and unique gastronomical experiences. Being renowned all over the world for its ancient architectural splendors, medieval monuments, and endless entertainment options, including fashion shows, music festivals and burlesque shows, Paris seamlessly blends centuries of culture with undeniable magnificence, and is ideal for a culturally enriching vacation.

Rome, Italy

A city that simply oozes royalty and romance, Rome is truly the epitome of European culture. The city is recognized for its old traditions and sacred culture that are preserved in ancient ruins, majestic architectural designs, spectacular visual art pieces and incredible cultural entertainment, all of which makes traversing through the “Eternal City” truly feel like a walk through history. But apart from the rich cultural heritage that makes it so special and unique, the mesmerizing art scene and the bustling city life also render Rome as one of the most romantic cities it the world and a true haven for cultural enrichment.

3. Taipei, Taiwan

Even though it might not be the first destination that springs to mind, Taipei has a long and complex history and an incredibly unique blend of ethnicities, cultures and heritage, providing the city with a distinctive and charming character. While one of the first things on the architectural list might be Taipei 101, which formerly had the honor of being the tallest building in the world, there are endless more traditional cultural and natural landmarks dispersed throughout the city, creating a rich and diverse place for intrepid travelers to explore. All of this makes finding a great Taipei hotel, booking a trip and exploring this marvelous, yet little known treasure the perfect way to enrich yourself both culturally and spiritually.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Even though Tokyo has completely embraced the modern lifestyle, it still offers and extraordinary blend of rich history, incredible culture and traditional experiences. The city is bursting with ancient shrines, castles and temples, and historic monuments mixed with stunning neon-lit skyscrapers. But Tokyo’s culture isn’t only limited to art and architecture – this city has the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, thus earning the title of the “food capital of the world”. Tokyo truly offers a unique opportunity for an indigenous adventure wrapped around a far-fetched cultural experience.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Even though the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing of Rio de Janeiro is the impressive Christ the Redeemer statue or the world famous carnival, this city offers so much more spirit and personality than you could ever imagine. The “Marvelous City” is a very important part of cultural tourism, celebrated for its colorful lifestyle, high-spirited nightlife and incredible music running through the veins of every Carioca. The enthusiastic lifestyle of the people coupled with the golden sand beaches and picturesque mountains make Rio de Janeiro even more enticing, and the perfect destination for a completely unique cultural experience.

Out of all the cultural destinations to visit, this list highlights the 5 most cultural cities that are not only ideal for your next vacation, but are also some of the most appealing and fascinating places in the world.

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