3 Beanies You can wear this Winter

3 Beanies you can wear this winter. Who leaves the house without a beanie in the winter-time? While I’m writing this blogpost, I’m on my way to visit a good-friend in The Hague. It’s the Third Big-city in Holland. I didn’t see him for two month’s and this Sunday is a good opportunity to spend some quality-time. How was your weekend guys?

Cotton Beanie.

Let’s start with the cotton-beanie shall we? If you a winter-person and you love to have different kind of beanies in your winter-closet, than you probably like this blogpost. During winter-time I love to wear this winter-essential as well. I’m a person that gets cold real quick so I always have it with me while I’m on the go or outside. At the moment I have a beanie that is made from: cotton and I’m still love to wear it. Cotton might not be so warm, but it’s okay.


If you don’t like to wear cotton in general. There are other fabrics that might fits you better, let’s talk about a wool-beanie. Wool is my favourite fabric during the winter-season. So a Beanie that is made from wool, would be perfect right? Do you like to wear wool-clothing-pieces during winter-season? MrPorter and Matches Fashion have great wool-beanies for sale during this time of the year. If you living in NYC for example a wool-beanie is not luxury at all. But let’s keep it general. Wool always keeps warmer then cotton for example. If you planning to buy a winter-hat make sure you keep your winter-outfit in the back of your mind. Black And Grey are most of the time the right colours for a winter-hat.

Cashmere Beanie.

Let’s talk about the most luxury version of beanies. Cashmere beanies ! 😀  I already get excited about it, when I’m writing about Cashmere-pieces. Cashmere Beanies are in my opinion the most and best winter-hat that you can wear. Specially when you planning not to buy a new one every winter-season. Two cashmere-beanies would be perfect for five years don’t you think?

Whit this saying, you see that there so many different type of winter-hats and I hope you can make the right choice for yourself. I only have one winter-beanie and I’m satisfied with that right now. But you never know what happens next-winter season.

I want to wish you a good week and speak to you this week, Hugs Luc.

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