Dare to be play with your clothing-style

Dare to be play with your clothing-style has always bin on my mind and in my personal clothing-style as well. With so many fashion-lovers around the globe, I feel like I have to keep… [Read more]

How to Combine a Printed Summer shirt

How to Combine a Printed Summer shirt, is what I asked myself as well. Certainly when I bought this summer shirt before the heat was coming. How to combine a Printed summer shirt. How… [Read more]

How I combined Balenciaga

How I combined Balenciaga, today I want to share with you how I combined this major brand. It’s was quite hard to combine this. But at the end I did it my way. This… [Read more]

5 Best Menswear S/S 2018 Trends

 You know the rules – new season, new runways and collections, which in turn means a plethora of new trends. Now, by no means should you fall prey to all the trends. You probably… [Read more]

Paris By my own eyes

Paris by my own eyes, It feels magical if I look back to my first trip to Paris. I walked trough Paris with my iPhone. By walking in the French capital, I was able… [Read more]

How to combine a Red T-shirt

How to combine a Red T-shirt. Today I show you how to do is. Because it can be hard to combine this clothing-piece. But let’s do this together shall we? T-shirt is red but… [Read more]

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is the type of photography, I truly love. Since I have my first DSRL-Camera I take pictures of people who are photo-genetic. Photography and Fashion are a great combination. How are you… [Read more]

Spring in the air

Spring is in the air and I’m happy that the cold-days are behind us. I really like it when it’s time to put out the coat. But anyway’s how are you guys ? Today… [Read more]

Why Wool Cardigans are good.

Why Wool Cardigans are good. I’m going to tell you in this article. Because there are a few reasons why wool-cardigans are a must-have. Wool-Cardigans are good to wear when you at the office…. [Read more]

In Navy Blue we Trust

In Navy blue we Trust right? It’s the kind of color we use often. Not only when you wearing a classic look. But also when you in a urban kind of mood. In Navy… [Read more]