Casual Summer Men’s outfit

Casual Summer men’s outfit. Hello Guys, how are you? I’m doing great. Summer is great because I can enjoy the sun and do activities outside! Furthermore,  I started to go back running again. Getting… [Read more]

5 Top Picnic Spots in NYC

Patches of green parks dot the landscape of NYC, and neutralize the urban atmosphere unique to this bustling metropolis. These places coexist with the traffic, crowds and noises, offering a space in the city… [Read more]

How to Travel in Style

How to Travel in Style? It’s a question I asked myself too before I was heading to Milan last June. But today I’m going to show you how to do this. Travelling is so… [Read more]

Men’s Grey Outfit

Men’s Grey Outfit. Hello my friends, how are you? Today I want to share with you. A Men’s Grey outfit. This look is an old-one. The oversized t-shirt, jeans, and cap are not in… [Read more]

A Guide to Settling in Hong Kong

Asia is getting more traction as a tourist destination, but even more so as a place for people all over the globe to build a life there from the ground up. Whether you’re a… [Read more]

How to Plan a Perfect Summer Vacation on a Budget

It seems that we are, throughout the whole year, dreaming of an ideal summer vacation. This is why we put all our thoughts into trying to find the perfect destination where we will spend… [Read more]

Gift From my Brother

Gift From my Brother. Hello readers. Today I want to share with you a gift from my brother. It’s a basketball jersey. Which was kind of surprise for me. I didn’t expect to received… [Read more]

SS 19 Mens Bag Trend

SS 19 Mens bag Trend. Hello Readers how are you? It’s summer-time and fashion-month is behind us. We have seen so many nice collections for the next SS20. What was your favourite show? Let… [Read more]

Lets Go Miami Heat

Lets Go Miami Heat. Hi lovely readers. You might not know yet. But I’m a Miami Heat fan since the spring of 2012. So in today’s post it’s all about that. Last summer 2018… [Read more]

Milan Photo Diary

Milan Photo Diary. Hello my readers. While I’m writing this. I’m still thinking about my weekend in Milan. Last Friday I was traveling from Eindhoven- to Bergamo. One of the reasons I was traveling… [Read more]