Spring is Coming

Spring is coming, although it’s still winter officially. But I’m already in a Spring-mood. Since the temperatures are not that low anymore. How are you Guys today? Spring is coming. The winter is almost… [Read more]

Cities I would like to visit part one: Milan

Cities I would like to visit part one: Milan. In Cities I would like to visit, I want to talk with you about Cities that are on my bucket-list. Hey Guys how are you?… [Read more]

The Blacklist Look

The BlackList Look. Hey Guys how are you? and how was your weekend? I went out of the house for a walk, because the weather was quite good for dutch-concepts. Further I’ve watch some… [Read more]

Men with Class

Men With Class.How are you anyways guys? How was your Valentine’s Day? For me it was just a normal day at my office. Nothing special happend and I decided to work at a local-lunchroom… [Read more]

Two Type’s of Gloves

Two Type’s of Gloves, yes we have options to choose guys. Today I want to talk with you about gloves and how we can use them during winter-time. But First: How are you guys… [Read more]

3 Beanies You can wear this Winter

3 Beanies you can wear this winter. Who leaves the house without a beanie in the winter-time? While I’m writing this blogpost, I’m on my way to visit a good-friend in The Hague. It’s… [Read more]

Three Different Type of Coats For Winter

Three Different Type Of Coats For Winter. Because for every occasion there is a coat right? How was your week guys? and are you ready for the weekend? Yesterday It was my plan to… [Read more]

Four Knitwear-Pieces for this winter

Four Knitwear-Pieces for this winter. Today I want to talk with you about Four Knitwear-pieces. What are these Four knitwear-pieces? But first: How are you guys and how is your week so far? I’m… [Read more]

Four Winter Essentials for Men

Four Winter Essentials for Men, which Four essentials would that be? How was your weekend Guys? I’ve spend my weekend at home and worked on my blog. Today I want to talk with you… [Read more]

What do you think of The Bag Trend?

What do you think of The Bag Trend guys? Are you Bag type of guy? I was that type of Guy back in the days. But how are you guys doing? A Backpack is… [Read more]