Working on the Wardrobe

Hey guys, I am working on the Wardrobe, why ? Because now these days my wardrobe is a big mess, and I’m going to change that. When I started buying clothes I didn’t know that you have to work on your basic. I just bought designer clothes that I loved and put them in my wardrobe. I was very young and just go to the shopping mall or the store and search for things that I really loved to wear, But since my interested in fashion is very big, my way of thinking about my clothes, style and wardrobe has changed.

As you can see on the first picture I already wear a basic T-shirt what I bought at : acne studios , and my experiecen with this brand is very good, I can advise you that if you search for a good basic?This swedish designer is the right brand where you can buy your basics, no matter if it is a T-shirt or a Sweatshirt or a Shirt, they know what a basis is all about. I spoke with a guy a couple of weeks a go how to work on the wardrobe, and he told that you must a have basic wardrobe and than you can build around your basic. That really openend my eye and that is now my goal in the up-coming twelve months.  So now I’m going to work on the wardrobe for two years now I think, depends on how much money I am going to have for that goal.

Working on the Wardrobe feels al so as a nice experience, specially if your read about it or talk about it with people who work in the fashion-industry. Do you have have a nice-wardrobe? I am very curious of you already have it and how it looks like?



Basic T-shirt by: Acne Studios

Jeans by: Mango

Shoes by: Dior

Photography by: Quincy Housen



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