Why you should buy a Denim Shirt

Let’s talk about this topic: Why you should buy a Denim shirt. Today I give you more than five reasons. Why you should buy a denim shirt. Hopefully after reading my information you inspired and buying a denim shirt for yourself.

Why should you buy a denim shirt sounds maybe a little bit rude, but since I know, how to build a basic wardrobe. This item was one of my first purchases when I started to re-build my wardrobe. My first reason is that a denim shirt is a basic item in your wardrobe. Wherever you go, this item can always be your best friend. You have a job on a office? it never goes wrong wearing a denim shirt. You can wear it under some fine knitwear as well. I’ve bought my denim shirt last month and still have a lot pleasure when I’m wearing it. When I don’t know what to wear? I can always count on it. It is a good investment in your closet and fashionable as well. Beside that its a timeless/classic item at the same time.

How to combine?

Don’t think its hard to combine a denim shirt, because I’m going to tell you how you can look fashionable in a denim shirt. Imagine that you have a date and don’t know what to wear? You might think that you have to stand out the crowd right? But the first date is always exciting thing right? You can combine a denim shirt with a denim jeans and you look great! But if you don’t want to, choose for a black or grey jeans. Always think about the fact: that you want to feel good in what you wear. You don’t have to look like a top-model to make a good impression on her. Just make sure you combine the right pieces together.

Where yo buy?

If I’m looking for myself, my heart says: Less is more, quality above quantity. Besides that I always believe When you are in the position to invest in a piece, don’t think about it to much. But just do the investment. You probably pay an high-prize but trust me, it is worth the investment. There are a lot of online-retailers who have denim-shirts that will fits you and will inspire you. For example: Mrporter and Farfetch, the have it all. When you not in a position to invest, look at Zara or H&M for a timeless denim shirt.







Denim shirt by WeFashion

Black Jeans by Acne Studios

Boots by Zara

Photography: Taria-Ann Verburght


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