Vogue Hommes

Today I want to talk with you about Vogue Hommes, a magazine that makes me happy. Since my interest in fashion is growing. Vogue Honmes is a must-read. Reading the Vogue Hommes, give me more knowdlege about the fashion industry. When my interest in fashion was not so big. I was reading everything online. But having paper in my hand feels so much better. The last Vogue Hommes that I bought, is the Vogue Hommes in english version.

Most of the time I bought the dutch-version. But when there are exciting interview with interesting people. I have to read it right away. That is al so with this Vogue Hommes, Interview with Tom Ford yeah that is something I want to read. In this interview with Tom Ford he says that: When you do something you’re excited about, it pays off. When I read that kind of quotes, it always gives me good feeling and motivation. That is why I’m totally agree with Mr. Tom Ford.

But what you al so can see on the cover is: Mr Richard Avedon, what was a famous fashion-photographer. He shot pictures of Kate Moss and even worked for Dior. When I noticed things like this it gives me a happy feeling. I notice that how more knowledge about the fashion and there history. The more I feel that this is my home.

When I write this new article, I read the interview with Tom Ford Twice. I always read interesting things two times. The reasons is that I saved the information better in my mind. So this internationale Vogue Honmes is a must-read for everyone who loves fashion. When you have a long travel or have to wait somewhere for a long time, this is a perfect magazine to read.



Photography by: Luc Herbergs


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