From Barcelona to Madrid

From Barcelona to Madrid, what a amazing experience. Today I ¬†share my best travel experience so far. I still can’t believe, I was able to travel by train from Barcelona to Madrid. I’m going… [Read more]

Days in Barcelona

I’ve spend Days in Barcelona last weekend. Last november I was planning my 29’th birthday and I was thinking what to do? My birthday is one week for Christmas and that is hard. Most… [Read more]

My Love for Amsterdam

My love for Amsterdam. Where did it started? I was only six-years old and my parents took me to Amsterdam. That day was special to me, and will always be for me. When I… [Read more]

One Night At The NHOW Hotel

Two weeks A go I’ve spend One night at the NHOW Hotel and it was a very nice experience for me, because spend a night in a Four-Star hotel, is not something that I… [Read more]