What kind of Grey Jeans?

They Grey Jeans is a must-have in your closet, if you ask me? After I bought my black slim-fit jeans, it was time for a different type of jeans.? But al so a different color. I choose for a grey skinny jeans, what I love to wear most of the time. It was the end of the summer that I bought This Grey Jeans at hm, and to be honest it was my first jeans at HM ever. I never bin a huge fan of the swedish company. Because the quality of the clothes are not as good as you compare it with Prada for example.

But I want to combine High-end Fashion with low-budget fashion and still look good on the streets, or wherever I go. That is what I always has done with creating my own style. People on the streets loved it, and I’m feeling comfortable and happy at the same time, when I’m busy with my clothing-style . Back to The Grey jeans is that I bought a skinny jeans and because I’m a very tall person, I’ve bin the position to wear a skinny jeans ( Lucky me  ). Not everyone is able to wear it. You have to be a little bit tall to wear that type of tight jeans. If you searching for a Grey Jeans, and not want to pay a lot of money, than this Grey jeans by hm, is a very good option for you.

You can but this Grey Jeans in the store in your town or area, or you can buy it online. Depends on what you like. I’ve bought this grey jeans in the store, but I love to shop online. Because it easy and quickly. You save time and can you your time better. But some people just love to go out the door and have there hands on the clothes.



Photography by: Luc Herbergs

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