Sensitive for Trends

I’m sensitive for Trends that is my conclusion when I open my wardrobe. When I started buying clothes I always bought items that where  a ‘ trend ‘at that time and like I said before: My wardrobe has more trend-clothing than basic clothes. Are you sensitive for trends? and how does your wardrobe look like? Let me know in a comment!

A couple of months a go ,I’ve bought a sweatshirt from the label: A Cold Wall and this is a trend in the High-End Streetwear scene. Last month I realized that it is better to buy clothing what is more basic and what I can wear for many years or for a longer period than a Trend item. But that is just what my healthy mind say, but what says my heart? My heart say: High-End streetwear brands like: Fear of God, Off-White and many more. To be honest I am not really in the position to buy a lot of trend-clothing but that is not really a problem, but I know myself very well and I am just sensitive for Trends, sometimes I would like that I was not that person.

Than I would like to talk with you about the fact that my photographer is on her vacation and we didn’t shoot outfits for this Month and for me it is pity, but I have to deal with that. To be honest I am al so trying to get some new outfit’s so I can show you more of my style. I’ve bought a ACNE Studios jeans last month with a dark-blue basic in the sale, it was a item that I really need, because I still want to work on a basic wardrobe. It will be a long process to have a good wardrobe with a lot of basic items but I am ready to achieve it and when I am finished I going to shoot some photo’s of it and post it here on my blog.

This week I received a invitation for a event of the store:ANSH46 and I am very happy and grateful at the same time that I can attend this event. This event wil be up-coming weekend and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve bought my sweatshirt from the label: A Cold Wall at ANSH46 , it is a High-end fashion store based in Rotterdam and if you love High-end streetwear than you should visit this store. But back to the event it is a collaboration event and I am going to this event together with a photographer, but not the photographer that I used for my outfit shoots. It will be the first time that I am going to work with a different photographer and I am very curious how it will be. Speak to you next week !

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    Awesome outfit.
    The style and the mood are so outstanding for sure.
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