Ronaldo is a Hero

Ronaldo is a Hero, if you look at how many prizes he has won in his career. This week Cristiano Ronaldo won a new trophy named: Best Player in Europe 2016 . Last season Ronaldo was the best player in the Uefa Champions League season 2015/2016. It was not a hard choice for the people who where able to vote, that Ronaldo was the number one to get this price. He scored in the final of the Champions league final against Atletico Madrid in San Siro. What maybe not everyone knows is that Cristiano was playing with a injury that match, but a player like he is want to play anytime and specially a Final of the Champions League.

Now we know that Cristiano has won the prize for European Best player 2016, we can say that Cristiano is the best player at the moment. It will be very hard for other players like Bale, Suarez or Messi to beat him for Ballon D’or in January 2017. For me it is not a discussion, that Cristiano deserve to win the Ballon D’or 2017, because he also won the European football Championship in France last summer 2016. With his domination during the Euro 2016 he took Portugal to another level of football and that is a great performance from this top-player. If you see the portugese football team, you see that the don;t have so much quality as a team like France, but Ronaldo was able to make a difference in a team with less quality than France or Spain.

If Cristiano will win the Ballon D’or in 2017 for the fourth time in his career and everybody that loves this player will be happy that he can hold that trophy again. This player Cristiano Ronaldo is a hero for many people, not only kids but al so adults, I’ve bin a fan of him because he work so hard everyday and that is something that people appreciate.

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