My Resolutions in 2016

My Resolutions in 2016, today I’m going to share this with you guys. My last trip to Barcelona was for me to reflect on 2016 and how it was. What did I right and what did I wrong in 2016 ? What can I do better and what did I learned this year?

Which resolutions did I had in 2016?

One of my first goals was that I wanted to move back in the capital of Holland: Amsterdam. At the begin of 2016 I called one of my business-partners and say to him: I can not longer live here, I have to move back. He said to me: just do it, when you feel like you have to. After I made the decision. I knew it was the start of a long long way. Amsterdam is a very very popular city in The Netherlands. Everybody want’s to live there and it is such a pretty town. So for me it was a very long and hard way to find a room in Amsterdam. Finally in May 2016, I’ve found a room that was perfect for me. I said to myself if this not comes to a good end: I will stop searching. But I came to a agreement with the house-boss. Unfortunately my stay in Amsterdam was not for long.

Between searching for a room in Amsterdam and my part-time job, there came a invitation from Milan. A PR-Office based in Milan asked me if I would like to attend: Milan Design week 2016. It was one week before I’ve changed my blog. I was super super happy and I didn’t believed that it was real ! unfortunately I was not able to go, because I had to save money for my move to Amsterdam. But at the same time it was a very good motivation. To keep my blog growing. When I finally moved to Amsterdam it was great. I was back in the city that made me a men. Unfortunately my stay in Amsterdam was not forever.

My other resolution was to be more proud of myself. Did I achieved this resolution?

Yes I achieved this definitely. I’m more proud of myself, because this has bin a very positive year for me. I’ve feel it more, so I am more proud of myself. It is always a challenge for me. I’m not a person that is very satisfied quickly. But the positive energy makes me a positive person. Now I’m in a chapter of my life that I want to be surrounded by positive people. So I decided to go back on my own in 2017.

Live Healthy. Did I achieved this resolution?

Now I can say that I live healthy for a little bit. First I want to say that I’m not do anything when it comes to sport. I grew up with sport and played soccer for a very long time. At the moment I’m not able to sport. But in the new year 2017, I want do hit the gym again. Why? Because I want look sexy’er than ever before and to feel stronger. Because I don’t do any sport at the moment. I still keep attention on my food. I’m not a drinker or smoker. Further I don’t use salt or sugar and try to eat healthy. To complete this subject, I can say that I live pretty healthy if you ask me.

A better social life.

This is the hardest subject for me. I already feel it when I’m writing this for you. The last couple of years. I noticed that my social life is not on a good level. When the weekend starts I’m in my room and looking to a screen. That is not healthy for a young guy who is in his twenties. So my goal for this year was to have a better social life. Now I can say that I didn’t achieved it. I can tell you that is bin worse.

What did I learned this year?

The resolutions learned me to be more patient. I’m not a patient guy at all. When I want something, I want it as soon as possible. But the resolutions learned me and challenged me. I now realized that everything takes time. My business partners saying this to me so often. I’m now at a point that I accepted this. Further I learned to think more positive. After a few hard years behind me. It’s time to have a positive mindset. Further I learned more about photography. It’s bin a new passion for me since my blog. Now a days I’m helping my best-friend. I shoot pictures for her blog and my knowledge about photography is getting better. When I’m telling you this, I’m a very happy kid. It has bin a year of learning new things and I’m grateful.

What about my business goals this year?

I can say that I’ve achieved almost every goal that I’ve write down at the beginning of this year.

Photography skills: YES I’ve achieved this, because I’m more busy with photography than before. I want to thank my best-friend for giving me this opportunity.

Reading business books, what is related to blog/fashion/photography: I did it and it taste very good. So I will continue this.

Consistent: Not really, the first six-months I was not very consistent. The last few months I’ve bin consistent and I want to grow more with my blog.

Spread the word: Now I didn’t do this at all. I’m still not able to tell everybody who I meet about my blog. I still think: Is this person really interested in my blog? Is this the kind of person who really read it? So in that case I’m not spread the word at all. I’m going to think about it the up-coming time.

My resolutions for the next year 2017?

I’m going to tell you about it soon. First I want to thank all my dear readers for supporting me, motivate me, and inspire me. You are the crowd who make this blog growing and I’m very happy to share my life with you. I wish you a very good New Years Eve and talk with you in 2017.











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